Monday, July 02, 2007

Beaches!! Knitting and CONTESTS

So last week we had like 3 torturous hot days. The kind that when you factor in the humidity here in Maine makes you almost puking sick! We took the kids to the beach on Dear hubbies lunch break just to cool em'down a bit. They piled in, bear in mind that th water 47 degrees.....well anyway dang cold!!! They had a blast!

and no we did not squeak another kid in without announcing her, that is a friend of Miss S's that spends the day during the week with us.
Little B loved the beach and liked to play monkey!
Looks like he was trying to stand up but really he was just trying to get his knees off of the beach.
Ain't he a little Devil!!


Oh and for knitting, well it is getting done but I am just not getting many pics. I will try to snap a few so that I can show off my newests.. actually I just kool aid dyed the yarn to finish my socks that I gave up months back!!!! Will get that on too!

Don't forget to enter the contest, please leave the comments on that post so I can find you all

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Karen said...

Yup, it was terrible for those three days last week, wasn't it?? I was hoping it was cooler in Maine, but it sounds like it was just as hot in CT. The kids look like they enjoyed the beach though. 47 degree water . . . brrrr. :) Speaking of anniversaries, we were on a little anniversary trip during that heat. We didn't let it spoil the fun though. I'm off to enter your contest now - I don't think I had discovered your blog yet when you posted it, so thanks for the heads up. And a very belated Happy Anniversary to you!!