Friday, July 27, 2007

Giggles, Grins, Knitting, Spinning and Hooking!!!

Ok so does this look like a proud little boy???? He is walking NOW!!! Oh my goodness is he ever happy with himself. We laugh non stop, he is a dancing fool! Hard to take pictures of that though!! Oh goodnessjust when I think I have 3 too many kidlings, they all do something sweet and make me smile and melt my heart.......this was that moment today........without too many details it was a horribly LOOOOOOOOOOONG day. Nothing serious, just kids being kids at thier most interestingly, worst!

So my therapies have been as such! Spinnnnnnn Spinnnnnn Spinning!!! This is some Merino that Miss S wants a hat or mittens out of. I plan to 2 ply this when I am done the singles! Notice the other full bobbin on the lazy susan!! WOOOHOOO......BUT yet I hav a whole nother ball of it!!

See how much more even they look. I love it! I can feel my technique evolving! Even without a guiding hand! Although if anyone has any
advice I would be happy to hear it!

This is the finished hat. I am not exactly happy with it. I am going to be done with it, cause it is kinda yummy but I think it needds to be deeper or something. It is just not how I sort of saw it as I was planning it. I could rip it back but I just really don't feel like it!!

This is what I am starting. I sw one of these in real life and they are TOOOOOOOOOOOO cute and I have to say I think it is going to be easy peasy!

Ok so wednesday night I was told that I am a natural hooker!!! Hmmmm now since when is that a compliment to be proud of?????? Well when you are talking about rug hooking of course. I have so many ideas! This is done with wool and the finished priduct is hierloom quality. They say it will last 100 years. I absolutely love it! And it is easy!!!! This is a 10inch round pillow and I am ALMOST done/........More so than this picture shows!

This is another hat to be. It is bound to make me unhappy. I am never happy with anything I create on my own, but I guess we al have to start somewhere!

This is a pair of toe up jaywalkers! I am adjusting the pattern so they can be knit on size 5's and toe up so it is a bit different but so far they look pretty good!

Can you tell I have a bit of start-itis? It's all good though cause eventually it will lead to finish-itis when I get overwhelemed with how many projects I have going at once!!!!

Does anyone read blogs anymore? Since Ravelry I find myself in a blog rut!!!


Dianne said...

Wow the spinning looks great. I wish I could offer some advice, but I'm not the best at it. I tend to overly twist everything, even though I try (very hard) not to! Little B looks so pleased with himself!

I turned on the messaging thing in Ravelry (I think) but haven't had a chance to get back to it. The weekends are always too short for everything that needs to be done!

Mrs. H said...

YAY for Little B! He's so darned adorable! Will you mail him to me? Just for a little while? :)

The spinning looks like it's going well. I can't wait to see the pretties you make with your very own yarn!

Anonymous said...

The gal can shine when every project she undertakes!! never thought I would have a hooker in the family!!! LOL All three of those children are adorable must be the great genes. Nice to be able to get a peek at her projects and not scratch.

Love ya,