Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Hubby O' mine and knitting stuff

They it's your birthday........daaanaanaanaana.....

So Dear Hubby turns the big 40 today. I got up and made Blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then we let the kids run wild with the chalk.

My favorite cousin stopped by, for a good verbal beating!!! We pick on this beautiful thing so hard. Simply because we love her. She looks a wee bit tired huh? Wonder why......put yourself back in your almost 20 year old shoes and you could probably figure it out!!!

Little Miss having a wee bit o' fun!!! Crayola has some really good chalk products! We have the rake and the small package of tools and these HUGE chalks!!!

This is out doooooofy puppy Angel. She really is cute, but man I have had some dogs in my 31 years and this one is not the brightest. I am hoping that in another 6 months when she turns 2, that maybe the gerbil in her head will fgure out how to run the that asking too much?

Little B crawled around the parking lot, and walked around pushing his push toy and the he walked in his walker too chasing sissy and the dog and his brother.

Hey sissy lemme see can I fix that??????

This is the hat I am working on. I am unventing it as I go. To paraphrase E.Z. It is very pretty. I have gotten even with the turn up on the inside. Hmm hard to make sense of that......the total piece is actually doubble what you see here as it flips up and there is ribbing inside. I am getting ready to begin the pattern again on the top of the hat!!

These are the stitch markers I created for the YS if the lady is interested. I am awaiting her e-mail. Otherwise I have other ideas for these!!!!

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Mrs. H said...

Pretty kids, pretty hat, pretty stitch markers! :)

And happy birthday to huz of cuz!