Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Buddy Boy, My Brave Little Man

So today at 4 am I was up fretting about my middle child. John Venner-Mark, aka Bud has a lot to live up to. John is his daddy's name, as well as his daddy's daddy's name. I never had the pleasure of meeting John's dad, but I have heard that he was one hell of a man. As for my husband John, well he is as perfect as they come. Venner was my grandfather, whom EVERYONE, who was anyone called Bud. He also was one hell of a man, who would fight to the end for his family. He is no longer with us, and was taken suddenly, and tragically, and Bud probably has very little memory of his great grandfather
but he really is a mini him! Mark is my dad's name and he mixed with a good portion of thier daddy is exactly what I would like for my sons to be. I think Bud is becoming quite an awesome combo of these men in my life.

Today was Bud's surgery day. For me yesterday never really had an end. I didn't sleep all night. I laid and listened to my husband snore, and my son breath (and talk) in his sleep. I tossed and turned, and then I got up and turned the TV on and knit.

Finally after a few repeats of that procedure, I got up and quietly (we were at John's sister's house on the mainland) got myself ready and then waited some more. At 6:30 we were checking Bud in. I felt like the owrst mom ever. He was soo happy and charming the nurses. They had toys for him to play with. Then at about 7:15 they gave him 1/4 tsp of some magic potion that literally made him drunk......he was sooo cute, giggly, droopy eyed and silly. I felt like I was leading him into the lions den blindly!
At 7:30 they wheeled him away from us....I sat
and knit for 30 minutes when at 8:01 the Dr.
came in and told us all went well, but that when he got in and started poking around, he realized just how little mvement Bd had in his tongue. He almost couldn't lift it or stretch it enough to make the first snip but did manage to get things just so....he had the more invasive procedure which involves stitches.

All in all, it went well and we were released with our groggy, drunk little boy at 9:10 am. He stayed in sort of a drunk or hung over stupor til around 5 ish. It is amazing to see him with his new released tongue. So far he seems to be much LOUDER!!! hmmmmm......but he seems to feel a bit odd with his new mouth buddy, almost like it feels too big. I watched him run his tongue over his lips this evening to get a stray drip of ice cream....he has NEVER been able to do that before. I am sure over the next few days as he gets used to the feel of the
and the movement, and range of motion, he will readjust the way he talks.

The nurses at the hospital were great and he really charmed a few of them.

Someone should tell dad that stretching isn't going to make him invisible. This is the very drunk Bud, in the recovery room, getting ready to be wheeled to his room...he wanted Daddy to ride with him.

All is wel and I thingk I will go get some sleep now!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pictureless Thursday

Ok so here I am again.....I did sooo well for a few days running. Posted consecutively, formulated entries and pics in my head for the next entry....and then WHAM life gets in the way all over again!

Knitting goodies.....Ok so I am well on my way for November and achieving my goals. I cast on my socks I was supposed to plan for next month as one of my goals.....I am using my hand spun, I am doing 2 at once on circulars. Size 1 addis, it is the jaywalker pattern. I love this space dyed stuff it was so much fun to spin, and just as much fun to knit. There is some variance in thickness and twist but so far the ribbing looks very nice.

I am 1/3 done the back of the aran from heck.

I am thinking about casting on the felted mittens......thinking about it..........hmmmmmm..........

Yesterday I even cleaned......my dining room is now a kid free zone......cleared all the corners, moved things around a bit......got all the TOYS (teeny tiny trains that when stepped on pierce the skin and end up almost in your hip bones) de scuzzed the wood floor, vaccumed and dusted, then started on the living room. I think I have decided to just stay in the dining room....the kids can have the living room....EXCEPT on Grey's night, Private Practice Night and Desperate Housewives niight. Then I just need enough room for me, and my knitting in a prime spot aimed directly at the TV, and god help the kid/animal/ manchild that gets between me and my TV on those time slots!! I will be armed with needles and wool, and I think I can figure out how to knit a straight jacket in record time with some sort of device for suspending you from the ceiling fan to get you out of my way and torture you at the same time!!!!!

Things are temporarily looking up on the job front.....not the same kind f money.....John is helping clear trees (on the property that he applied for the full time caretaking job, that would have meant living closer to mom and dad, and in a NICE BIG house with a 2 car garage and full apartment over head....ladies READ YARN HIDEAWAY...........) he did not get the job, BUT he will be filling on the weekend because the guy that DID get hired is not from here and has 2 daughters in MA that he will go home to every weekend....hmmmm go figure.....WTF. But anyway we are keeping our foot in the door anyhow. He is helping with the new school project part time and then he has the maintanence man job, and is currently working on his Bus Drivers License. Our bus driver decided to go to a 10th grade sponsered dance for all aged kids the Sat. before Halloween and she had been drinking....hmmmmm.......again WTF????? Go figure.

Well It is kind of a dark blah day....I think I am having company for the afternoon and it feels like a coffee and cribbage kinda day. She doesn't knit, and I am not sure she wants to learn.........keep poking her about it though...........lol!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy Belated Halloween!!

Halloween is my favorite Holiday! An excuse to be someone else, and escape realiy for a day!! WOohoo. But I have to say having 3 kidlings and getting them all geared up for the big day is interesting. Shyanne had an afterschool party of Friday afternoon, a dance on Saturday evening and then on Wednesday had a party at school, and then of course trick or treating......4 times to perfect the routine......ONLY she wanted to be different each time.....phew. Bud had a school thing Weds. Am and then trick or treating.

I love the expression on Bud's face in this one! LMBO too cute!

So this is Shyanne's class.....minus 1 little girl. Well actually this is grade 1 &2 the 3 boys are 1st grade and the 2 girls are 2nd. There is one other girl in the 2nd grade.

This is my dear hubby. Bless him it was actually a very warm day and he was soaked by the time he took his gear off. The kids LOVED it though. Who doesn't love a fire fighter. I know I do!

This is a whole school picture........well everyone who is dressed......and the background is our new 6.7 million dollar school......hmmmm, did I mention this was pretty much the whole school in this picture......and that the new school is costing 6.7 MILLION dollars? YIKES!!!!

Spider man is spying on someone!!

Buddy was looking pretty bored!!

This is the kindergarden class for this year, next year and the year after...Bud's actual class is the kitty from the back step, the tree, the cheer leaders (twins) the good witch (between twin one and the bride), and Batman. 2 others are missing.

John figured he would scare Bret with this mask....it has a little pump and it oooozes blood between the layers......

Bret Laughed at him..........John was so disappointed!!! :) Our kids are pretty nutty that way!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Oct. Goals revisited and Nov. goals

Recap of Oct. Knitting list.

1. Finish Baby Surprise Jacket Done in fact I completed 2. One pink and brown and if you lookback a black and red one!

2. Finish front of Aran. Check!!! Woohoo

3. Knit the first 3 clues of the Secret Stole (starts on the 5th woohoo) YAHOOO I am starting hint #5

4. Make a pair of mittens..... ummmmm OK, well do I get credit for picking the yarn and roving ???? See pic

5. Try Color work again (possible in the form of said #4's mittens??) Check, only I did 2 Hats!! A pik ad black pirate, and a navy and light blue pirate hat YEEHAW!

6. Finish the bobbin of lace weight and start on a second. Umm OK so I really have to work on this.....I sat down for maybe 30 minutes at my wheel.......we actually may have to sell it.. :(

November Challenge to myself!

1. A pair of Mittens.

2. Half of the back of Aran

3. Clues 5-7 of SotS

4. Socks planned.

I am keeping Nov. light as I have a pretty stressful month ahead.

Bud has his surgery on the 12th. Dad has a possible surgery at the end of the month, Mom has started a new regime, and we are waiting to see if this knocks her into a holding pattern, or HOPEFULLY knocks her numbers down! She maxxed out on the other regime and it has sort of fizzled, with her numbers going up fairly reliabley towards the end.

All this probably means I will knit more than I have said here, BUT who knows..........

Take a peek at all the goodies.

I have yarn porn too. My LYS had thier end of season sale as I said in the last post.....I will post pics.

This stole is turning out beautifully.

This is not true to color. YUCK!!! the next one is truer to color.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

BSJ #2

Ok so I am addicted......these things are soooooo darn cute. and easy, and odd, and ....and and. Elizabeth Zimmermann was a genius. I need her book Knitting without Tears and then the individaul paterns from Spun out Designs
and I will have (I think) all of Ez's printed goodies..... man to have money.....but when you think about it $40.00 for 40 patterns.....not a bad deal.....ad I don't need the BSJ so....... I REALLLLLLY want to knit the Adult Surprise Jacket. I ahve seen it knit up on a few blogs and it impresses me. It looks like a nice cozy sweater to wear around the house.

This sweater is madeout of Lamb's Pride worsted weiht brown and bulky pink.......I didn't notice I had picked up bulky till I ad started knitting and that was the only pink she had.....

At the year end sale at my LYS, I got some goodies.......I had her save my last paycheck, and then she gave me a huge discount on the yarn and then topped it all with 40% off.......I love her! But she knows we are in a rough spot and that this is literally my therapy/sanity saver. I can now d Ez's Bohus which will be my first color attempt on a sweater.

Hope all is well. I will update my Oct. Goals and then post my November goals tomorrow!