Monday, January 28, 2008

Welcome to the Funny Farm, Come on in!

Ok so sometimes my kids are funny, and then there are times when they are out of control. Last week I have to say they were out of control funny.

Bud has been a long time advocate of hats....everything has hat potential, but he is particualarly fond of underwear or pullups as hats.

He is trying to bring his little brother over to the odd side too :) The other day, he handed Bret a pair of underwear and said, "If you put these on your head we can be a family." Bret proceeded to nod, take the underwear and place them on his head!! I had to get pictures of the "family" Too Cute!

This on the other hand is inexplicable really. I was in a sort of "woke up on the wrong side" and was busy trying to do 5000 things all at once when Shyanne said "Hey, mom, look what I can do..." I turned and dropped what I was doing cause what I saw put me into hysterics.....mood over.......but what posses her?????? I may never know, and it is probably better that way!

Again with the underwear. Only Bud says, "hey ma, this pair make me look like a pirate" Hmmmm mom thinks.....must be something they add to that brand??? Specifically???? WHolly how can you not laugh!

Even Panda tries to get in on the comedy. Watch out dog I have been known to eat fried tongue.

Aside from wearing his brothers underwear on his head, Bret has taken the gangster approach to diaper wearing. You put a diaper on him and he immediately shoves his thumbs in the back and shoves em' down, just far enough so the crack of his plumbers smile shows. So figured I would share his pretty smile with y'all.

He is gonna kill me when I show his first girl friend this site :)

Here is the sinister eye of no return! Ok so apparently someone in the house decided to see if they could melt the wood stove and burn the house down........I won't mind so long as I have warning enough to get all my yarn, scrapbooks, kids (duh), animals, and clothes....well basically let me move out first ok!!!!!

We thought it looked really was however extraordinarily HOT, and look at where our super smart black lab parked herself.
This is not an unusual spot to find her, she loves to be hot....she soaks it up and then pants her way out, plunks down in the middle of the floor and goes back for more heat.

So I have a friend who at the age of 33 has breast cancer. Found out right before Christmas, had her breast removed 2 days afterward, and a week later a port put in, and started chemo last week. 33 years old. She is 2 years older than I am. What do you do when you want to help but there is nothing you can really do? Well me, I a fiend actually. This is an Odessa Hat. I knit it in the recommended yarn and put some cheap walmart pearls on it. Shy really liked it, but she can't have it. It is the first chemo cap for my friend, who will also have to have radiation after the chemo is done.

Shyanne actually looked really cute in it, although she wouldn't let me take an un-posed ic of her in it. she kept giving me the wierd eyes every time I would go to take a picture.

I also knit up an angel for my friend, hers is holding the pink ribbon. I think she is actually one of the best ones I have done so far. The other is for my uncle who has cancer as well. Man someone really needs to find the cure.......and quickly!

These angels are time consuming. But the whole I knit them I was thinking about who I was knitting them for and why. So a whole lot of love, blood (I pricked my finger umpteen million times while I was putting them together) and tears for what they are going through. Man o Man.

They are on my computer keyboard to give you an idea of how tiny they are.

This is the yarn for the 2nd chemo cap, and the beads that my friend picked out herself. It is already done but I have to sew the ends in. I had my doubts about the colors together, but they came out really cute!

So another friend's hubby wants a skull hat, liked the hello yarns, we call them pirates pattern but wanted it bigger and a bit more this is my first attempt at designing......I actually enjoyed it.....learned a few things, but all in all it was a good experience. Now I can get knititng it :)

So how is your padded cell today?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mommy's First Day of School Blues AND KNITTING

So have you ever had the feeling that you were only needed for laundry, food, a kissed boo boo now and again, and to change dirty Dipies???? Well today was Bretty's first day of "school" it is sort of a pre- pre school.....or playgroup if you will. Now the ticket office is across the road so I have seen several basket cases come out....on kids first day, you know that type......"wanna go play" mom asks....the kid IMMEDIATELY starts screaming and crying and clininging to with Shy, we dropped her off and
pretty much summed it up in a look, the look was one cast over her shoulder along with a shrug that said......"what in the he## are you 2 still here for??? Get lost" Seriously she could say that and more with just a look.......diminish us to dust on the floor. Bud on his first day kissed us both and ran off to play giving us a wave. And then when he could talk, before we even got through the door he was telling us goodbye, while we watched other kids months older than him melt in puddles at thier parents feet BEGGING and pleading with them not to leave them in this place alone WAAAAAAAAA! Not our kids. I think I secretly hoped that my youngest would have SOME sort of seperation anxiety, a tear or at least a sad Mommmmma. Nope the little poop kinda looked at us wee bit skeptical gave us kisses and ran off to the toys. POOP.......When we went to pick him up he was crying his eyes out, quietly in my head I said...ha see he does love me.......I asked the teacher how long he had been crying and she said, "oh not long he slipped on a piece of paper poor thing, he had a blast.....never even asked for you!!! To which my heart again fell..........but then he saw me tears dried up and mommy made him better! I looked at the teacher and asked what are we doing right? Why don't our kids have issues with us leaving? She looked at me like I was nuts but then thought about it and said, they know you are coming back, they are secure in your love. AWWWWWW Ok I feel better now! So now I have one in school all day, one in school for 4 hours Mon-Thurs. and one in school for 3 hours on Friday. Freedom is getting closer I can smell it!!! :) Wouldn't trade it for a million bucks........
I am getting out of my funk and knitting for the sake of knitting again. I have had my S>O>S> done just not blocked for a while now. Bocked it tonight. I really need blocking wires as there are not SUPPOSED to be all those points on the edges, but i had to do what i had to do. no place to get those wires around here :(

I think it came out really nice. Not sure what I will do with it as I really have no cause to wear a shawl. Any ideas?

It is fairly long I would say almost 6 feet. It is a shame to just have it collect dust!!

I am back to the Aran. I have a bit done on the you can see the front is all done.

On the knitting front, I finished and gifted 2 more BSJ's Oh how I love them. I did one in a superwash wool......I would not recommend the brand. Although it DOES soften with washing and blocking while you are knitting with it, it feels like acrylic, it squeaks and is just gross. :P I also have done 3 pairs of thrummed mittens.

I have a friend who is getting ready to start chemo for breast cancer and I am thinking about doing a chemo cap for her out of the Odessa pattern
what do you guys and gals think? Will the beads be irratating? She is young (33) so I wanted something a bit fresh and a little hip..........I also need to know what a suitable yarn for it would be......ANYONE have any suggestions? I thought about cotton but am not sure cotton will keep its shape. Bare in mind my hubby still is not full time employed and we are squeaking I can't go in for cashmere..........but needs something just as loveably soft!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Pictureful Post

Thanksgiving YUMMM-o

Time for a FAKE nap......

Mom I am chewing ....good grief!

Fun in the first snow storm of the season.....this is the the christmas card we never sent!

Hey cool I can push snow with my trucks.....

Help....I have fallen lost my mitten and I can't get up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew am I tired!

School Winter Concert! They were volcanoes.......don't ask I am still seething......Shy is 7 and I have yet to hear her or her class mates sing a carol......last year they were astronauts.

Our churches Christmas tree befre the program

The Christmas Program FINALLY she sings :)

Santa and the librarian dance! She is also a Sunday School Teacher.

Shy tells Santa all her wishes for Christmas.....

Bud has a few of his own and then fills him in on what Bret wants cause Bret is scared ti death of the man in the red suit!!

Christmas Morning....Bret peeks out of his room and just said Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Stockings were a hit.....Santa always knows just what to put in there!

You mean I get to really rip things and I don't get in trouble????? HUh whatta concept!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is coooooooooooooool


Oh boy a thomas tent just what i always wanted!