Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Karma? Fate? hmm one wonders!

So a quick satisfying, funny post. No knitting though!

Ok so My Dad has been a painter (of houses, rooms etc, amoung his other famous skills) he started when he was a teenager, working for his grandfather. Bottom line he knows his chit! He stopped advertising about 3 and a half years ago cause he had enough to last him his life time and mine too :)

Phone Rings at my parents house this morning

Mom- Hello
Person on phone- Hi is M.C. (will not use names sorry) there?
Mom-Yes may I ask who is calling?
Person on phone- This is "the poopy head that your daughter's husband worked for)
Mom- Covers phone tells dad it is "poopy head that SIL worked for"
Poopy head- Hi, I have some painting I'd like you to do, could you come down and take a lookat it?
Dad- After the way you treated J.W. (my dear hubby) who is my son in law, I wouldn't do anything for you! CLICK
Poopy Head- *This is what happened in my imagined play* Whhhhhhat was that...holy chit man what the hellhave we done?

You see We knew the first person on thier list too, who happens to be someone my hubby worked for way back and is still very good friends with and he talked to him too, and he decided he didn't want anything to do with the job either.....hmmmm karma, or revenge? Either way it is pretty sweet. I am very proud of my dear papa ( I did not say OLD either MOM!!)

Other ways this could have played out...

Dad - sure I will come down and look at it.
Dad goes down and walks it with them and says to poopy head..gosh someone has already started the painting and they have done a darn good job......who was it?
Poopy Head-Oh J.W....our old caretakes
Dad-Oh wait you are the poopy heads who hired him? Oh in that case, go take a suck pill.........

Dad- Oh Poopy head? hmm Oh right I know who you are a know it all know nothing, worthless peice of chit. I'd rather have dog doo on my shoe than talk to you, go get a colonic you poopy head!

Ok so maybe the last scenario is a bit far fetched.....but man...oh there is also one with a bit of blood and gore too! No I don't wish anything ill on them (well maybe a couple bouts of the stomach flu, or a chronic sinus infection, reoccuring hiccups accompanied by an uncontrollabel eye twitch maybe???) umm anyway where was I? Yeah right nothing ill happening to them.....uh huh I don't really I don't! Stop looking at me like that I don't!!! I am not like that! All I want at this point is for the powers that be to sort it all out. These people kick a good family when they are down. And they know what it is lie to be down.....the "head" has leukemia for putts sake. We spent more time worrying about her well being than our own apparently. Anyway That's it for now!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life goes on.........

.......even though right now life is a shit sandwich and every day is a bigger bite, the world still spins, and everyone contiues to live life around us.

I have finished the Rasta Hat, and I think it came out pretty cute. Miss S was less than impressed to model it. Big B was much more compliant.

Big B went to his preschool screening, and just when we think he is catching up......they want him to go to a speech and occupational therapist. Hmmm, Ok so the tests were built for 4 year olds and HE JUST turned 3 Aug. 3rd.....and he has only REALLY been talking for like 9 months, and now it comes out in long sentences...Momma I wanna jump on the twampoline with sissy. Ummmmm hello, this is the kid who wouldn't say juice please 6 months ago.......and he wouldn't stand on one foot without hanging on to something..........Ohhhhhhhhh man, I just wanted to sob.......I know he lingers back on the relaxed side, and is in no rush to compete with kids his age.....but in 10 minutes they decide he has problems that need to be firther investigated...but they are probably nothing. Don't get me wrong.....if there is something we can do to help him out I do want to know...but why now? Why on top of everything else do we have to wait for an appointemnt to open up and the spend time (and money) on the mainland to get him tested......why now...why not 6 months ago, when "how the bills are going to get paid" wasn't an issue.......
The Blaket grows......quite quickly now because I have to stay busy. I am a stress knitter. So LimenViolet keeps me smiling and knitting keeps me sane. And in times like these I need a whole lot of both! Overall I like the pattern and it is beautiful! BUT OMG poke me in the eye with KP Options (for those of you non knitters, they are VERY sharp metal knitting needles, I am in love with em")

So Big B is Very serious about potty training.....can you tell? He was showing off for his brother.

And at the end of the day the sun still sets. This is the biggest reason I do not want to leave The rock I live on......where else on the planet can you find beauty like this?

My hubby took this picture 3 nights ago from the ferry dock, it overlooks the casino......I think he may have sed the flash which is why there is a light spot in the casino it is breath taking!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

20 things I am thankful for.

SO it is decided. While things seem bleak right now I have lots to be thankful for.

1. My husband, he truely is my other half. Without him I am not whole. He is my rock, and the bright spot in my every day. J, I love you, and you are an amazing man.

2. Miss S. a strong, know what I want beautiful young girl to butt heads with. You keep me on my toes for certain. I find myself struggling to stay one step ahead of you.

3. Big B man you changed my world. Laid back little guy, but you have found your voice and are becoming quite assertive!

4. Little B what can I say. You are my entertainer. Keep dancing, miracle boy so we can all keep smiling.

5. My health.

6. The ability to work.

7. My mom. She has beaten the odds more times than I care to count, and she fights for every day. I am thankful for every day.

8. My Dad, again he has beaten the odds, and will continue to do so.

9. My talents and craftiness. Without them I don't think I would make it through the trying times. (God help me if I run out of yarn in the next few weeks)

10. My home. I do have a roof over my head, it may be old, but it is mine and it doesn't leak.

11. The beautiful sunrise that greets me in the morning.

12. The incredible sunsets that ends each day with storybook charm.

13. This island with all it's beauty and peacefullness.

14. My cousin A. who is about the only family member who gives a rats a$$. (oops I will try not to be bitter)

15. For finding my voice and being able to stand up for what I believe in.

16. The the troops who have and continue to fight for our freedom and all our rights that go along with that freedom.

17. Wonderful Internet Friends to lift me up with cyber hugs.

18. My MIL who helps when and where she can.

19. The air that I breathe, clean ocean air.

20. Life.

Things have got to get better. J interviewed for a job this morning. He worked for the guy when we first got together and had for quite some time, he was a caretakers assistant. The caretaker got sick and they hired a new younger guy and John got a new regular job. If he were to get this job, we would have to move into thier house....which is 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms and beautiful! It would mean slightly higher pay.....possibly renting our home....although not sure how that works with insurance and such....., it would mean a 2 car garage with a full apartment over the top of it.......a huge yard, not being right in town on the roads........I am trying not to think about it because there were many other candidates.......and we were one of the late comers...........if you believe in the power of postive thought or prayer.....we could use all the help we can get..........I feel like I have an elephant on my chest.........we should have an answer in the next few weeks.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Warning: Explosive Rant!

I have to be careful because certain muggles have this blog address, so no names will be mentioned! My dear husband was "let go" today from a job he has had since Miss S was 2, so 5 years. He has given his heart and his soul to try and return the property to what it was when the late owners were alive. Unfortunately the previous caretaker left the place in complete disarray, and had been using thier equipment to do business of his own and really overworked it all! The houses were in bad need of paint and had leaks everywhere. They always had a contractor come in and do carpentry and painting but when my hubby took over it all became his responsibility, along with keeping everything mowed (60 acres) and cut back and all that good stuff. And then there was no one really in charge. His second year they gave him a check list of things that needed to be done every spring and fall. And then said that windows needed to get done,,,,well this past winter he had windows out and would have had themm all done were it not for the wife of one of sons telling him that the electric bill was too high and that needed to stop. This is how it always goes down there........There is one "head" and she is aging and of mildy ill health, and so she passed the buck on to her son, who hasn't even been here for 2 years, her other daughter comes and goes and actually did some work on the house with her boyfriend and his crew. But she has not been around for a while. The sons wife tho,,,,,,,,let me tell you, she is good at causing hate and discontent. She told us this winter she was taking over the finances......sooooo we sent her recipts that we were originally sending to the "head" as originally requested. Well all of a sudden we were getting not so nice e-mails about missing recipts and bouncing checks........(well the missing reciepts were for a grand total of like $60.00, and at the time of that deduction the account had a balance of a 5 digit figure NOT INCLUDING THE CHANGE!) So we thought we had that straightened out but I now have a sneaking suspicion that she has been stabbing us in the back since the beginning and that time it just got a bit bigger than she intended. I am sure they all think we were lieing.....but WHY would we keep the reciepts?????? HMMMMMMMMMM no maka no sense to me???? HOWZ BOUT YOU?

So here we sit 3 kids and I am already working more jobs than I can keep tract of and was thinking about eleminating one or 2 in th next few weeks.......guess not. I am sure it will all even out, but for right now, I am in charge of picking up the pieces that were up until this afternoon, my husband. He is devastated and feels like he has let us down, them down, and himself down. I don't know how to tell him, that it is not him..........they are a bunch of.......of.............of.............well hmm.................POOPY HEADS to quote my 3 year old son and I hae to say that is a lot nicer than I want to be!

Now I am sorry this seems inapropriate and it certainly is not crafty, but I too, just like my husband am shattered. We certainly have been waiting for the other shoe to drop, but NOT like this.

Monday, August 20, 2007

MMMMM GOOD!! FO's and hand spun -------> See it?? Over there ----------->

I up loaded a flicker thingy to my page, woohoooooo. I love love love love love the way the space dyed merino pencil rovings turned out......see why I am itching to get things finished so I can knit me up some is delisheeeeosoo! Yumm yummm

This is a baby blanket I am knitting out of Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece. It is a very sagey color and feels sooooo nice. It is going to be warm and washer friendly!

The pattern at this point is kind of boring but I can still manage to forget if it is k2tbl or just a k2tog row........

This is the hat I cast on, on Saturday. I plan on closing it up today weaving in the ends washing and blocking it....but we shall see. Then the focus will be on the blankie, and the other hat I cast on weeks ago......

Remember these ladies? You saw them in pieces a few posts back. I think it was one of the contest posts. I asked if you knew what they were.........they were the starched drying pieces of these 2 beautiful girls. Does anyone know where you can get miniture things from? I would love to have one of them holding a baby but they are only 3.5 inches tall!!!!! But look at the one on the right doesn't she look like she is gazing adoringly into a abaies eyes???? LOL Perhaps it is just me??????? The other one looks like she is destined to be holding a skein of yarn for someone! That is an easy one!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pictureless Post

OH my goodness! I have a case of startitis. I need the cure for that, and then will someone give me a case of finishitis? I was taking stock of what I currently have on the needles and thinking that I needed to get things done, so what do I do????? I cast on yet another project.... BLAH!!!!

Currently I have on the needles:
* A pair of toe up jaywalkers done 2 at once on circs.
* A lovely sage baby blanket done on SIZE 3's!!!!!
* A beautiful aran done in cashmerino
* A Rasta style baggy beret
* my angel ornaments
* a scrap yarn blanket which is always on the needles as I just add leftover yarn to it as it comes.

Now I know this doesn't sound like much BUT I also have
* Fiber that needs to be spun (just finished this AWESOME space dyed limey violetey turquise yummy merino stuff) That I have set and drying and I CAN NOT WAIT to knit it up into some yummmmmmmmo socks! I also have the fuschia all skeined up for miss S's winter hat.
* A hooked rug idea......u wait. I have the beautiful sunset pic as my profile pic on ravelry (i am craftymomma if you care to add me) and I want to blow it up and match the oranges and blacks and do a 3x6 area rug. I have the monks cloth I just need to get the yarns. I plan to sell it, and then make myself one.....they are expensive to make but we sell them at the LYS and there are 3x5's that are selling for $890.00 YOWSERS!!!!!!!!!!!
* and don't forget about the jobs.....remember those, that is where you actually make money, but it interferes with the knitting and crafting time (DANG it all to heck!!)
* oh yeah and last but certainly not least the kids..... and there are 3 of them, they have ways of interfering with craft time too!!!! Drooling little curtain climbers they are. But dang it they are thinks god makes em' that way so we don't eat them at birth! :)
* Oh yeah and then there are the PILES of pictures waiting for spare moments to put in scarpbooks! HMMMMMMMMMMM FOCUS FOCUS!!!

So for right now I am going ot focus on

1) The blanket, friend is due in OCtober and these are size 1 needles. PAttern right now is afairly simple on as I am past the scalloped lacey bottom for 23 1/2 inches it is seed stitch 5 stitches, k4, *yo k2tog, k7* repeat till last 9 stitches k 4, seed st. 5. P 1 row then the pattern is the same except it is k2tbl, yo. That be it.....pretty boring right now.
2) The hat cause there are too many naked heads in the shop right now and they wierd me out!!! PLus it should end fairly quickly as it it is an easy knit!

Them are my priorities....oh and the kids, can't foget the kids can I???!?!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

AND the winner is!!!!!

hmmmmm I think I will keep you in suspense and get on with some knitting goodness!!! HAHAHAHAHA, You are at my mercy!!! :) Just kidding!

This is the beutiful aran I am knitting out of cashmerino! I love the way it is working up!

Do you see what I see? F.O.'s. 3 of them to be exact! WOoohhooooo these are absolutely adorable. I knit up a newborn, a 3-6 month and a 6-9 month. Easy Peasy pattern!!

See little B over there....poor guy was falling asleep in his food!

And as if I don't have enough on the needles!!!!! I cast on for a baby blanket. A friend is having a baby in Oct. and I am tryign to get it started. This is not my usual baby pattern and I have attempted this pattern before and stopped because it was a difficult pattern to interpret! I am knitting it in a sagey green cotton fleece. So it will be appropiate for both girls and boys. And since they are some of "those" annoying people (just kidding, but seriously come on!!) that don't find out what they are having, I had to come up with something other than YELLOW (UGH!!!)

The oattern is coming out beautifully this time!!!!! I can now read patterns easily!

AND so the winner is blogless SONJA she got it all!!!!!! Here is the picture of the Blue Guitar. And it was George and Barbara Bush for our famous couple.

My first purchase at the LOOPY EWE WOOOOOOOHOOO I love it I love it Ilove it!!

I am gonna get to try CHERRY TREE HILL YAHOOOO

Kauni EL for a well I dunno any sugestions!

I have Kauni Ek too but the post didn't allow me to post that picture too it is yellows and greens!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Progress )Contest, Knitting and Spinning)

OK so Sonja (who I have no way of contacting as her guess did not link back to her blog, so please let me know how to contact you) is HALF right, that indeed is Eric Claptons Yacht Blue Guitar, and she is soooo close on her guess of the famous political couple! It was not George and Laura Bush, but you are on fire you are soooo close!

Come on more guesses!!! WOOHOOOO took long enough for someone to give it a whir!

So I have been spinning! I love it! I love love love it. I am spinning some fuschia merino right now for a hat for Miss S. I just love the whole process. I want to find some raw fleece and try it from the start! Although it sounds like a lot of work!

These are my toe up jaywalkers only now I have turned the heel and am working on the cuff!

The picture spacing on blogger has gone wonky so as I am typing this it is completely seperate from the rest of the post we will see what it looks loke in real time.

Here is my first hooked project. I think it turned out really nice!

This will be a cabled sweater. It is knit in Cashmerino and it is a complete dream to work with YUMMMMMO.

Well just figured I would pop in and update things are wonky here so gotta run!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Waiting and more waiting!!

What does one do when they have all the time in the world on thier hands to do nothing but wait!!!! KNIT KNIT KNIT!!! I got the heels turned on my socks. I have no pictures because I am on a cheap OLD Mac and I don't have a camera.

Dad's surgery was this morning! It went well. They had an issue with bleeding but it was no big deal. He went in for an oil change (tumor removal) and got a free transmition too (they fixed his deviated septum, that he has had like forever!) This was something that wasn't discussed and that dad had been told couldn't be done because of his blood circulation. WOOHOO he will be able to now breathe through both nostrils!!!!

I got a lot accomplished on my toe up 2 at once socks that I adapted from the jaywalker patterns! I will post pictures at some point this week!

On to clues.....I am so sad that NO ONE has guessed on my contest! Well we got warm when we went political. It is the couple that is political. As for the yacht he is a famous musician......and there is a clue in the name of the yacht. It is a 2 word name. If you can figure out the name of the boat and type it into a google search it pops the artist up!!!! That is all you are going to get out of me!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

* CONTEST* Trivia type anyone can enter!!

Ok so If you are reading this and you are from a tiny island in Maine please do not ruin this for others.....I here by disqualify you from this here contest!!!!!

For all others.......we had 3 famous/well known/some not necessarily well liked BUT nonetheless special visitors to/around our small island and I want you to name them.......I will give you some back ground........1 of them belongs to this yacht!!!

The other 2 are married, and required 2 Black "Official" looking SUV's to get Priority Reserves on our ferry boat. Each had 1 driver and no passenger. Now bear in mind Prioritys are hard to come as a person have to be dying, just operated on or dead and coming home to be buried, to get one....unless you are the town and need to get demo or trash dumpsters out to and off island, or you are the state and you are sweeping the roads or doing repair on the ferry stuff!!! Come on and pass the word. The first to name
all 3 people will get a handmade goody!

And do you know what these might be in the near future????

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A letter to my birthday boy!

The little Guys Birthday was actually yesterday (sorry for any confusion!)

Dear Bud,
It is hard to believe it has been 3 years since you came into my life! What a fun filled trip it has been thus far. You came into the world in record speed and caused mommy some grief in the process, but I have long since forgiven you for that, never shall I forget, and you will probably be reminded of it several times before I die!!!!! You were a relaxed go with the flow baby, you never crawled, you rolled where you wanted to go, and it got you there surprisingly fast. You walked late (your sister pretty much catered to you so why should you walk, or talk for that matter!!!) but you took off running. You tend to sit back and relaly get things figured out in your head before attempting to try it. But once you get it all figured out you really get it figured out...there were no stumbly, drunken sailor first steps, it was all confidence and easy strides. You had others worried, by your lack of drive, and they were not afraid to express thier concern to your dad and I. I just let everyone know that this was your personality. You could not be compared to your
sister as you are 2 different people with 2 very different personalities. I am privledged to have been allowed to watch you grow this far. we had a rough start to our relationship.....just as you were getting to really know your nutty family (you were about 4 months old) mommy got sick and had to have surgery and you stayed with Daddy and I in the hospital, and slept in the same bed you did when you were a you looked huge in it! We spent 10 days in house which included Christmas Morning. We were released that day but couldn't go home as there were no
boats. I apologize for the lack of pictures of your first Christmas, and when I look through your scrapbook, the void makes me sad but I am lucky to be here today and thank my stars that Dr. Paine jumped on board when he did and took charge!
You are a trooper, always up for an adventure and causing quite a few yourself. You had your first ambulance and plane ride at 18 months. You scared us to death, with your blue lips. Mommy had just found out you were going to be a big brother, and in the sight of you hooked up to tubes and moniters was
too much for me and I passed out. We made it through it, your daddy flew over with you while the Dr's here patched me up and then I caught the last boat and flew in the car to the hospital to hold my little man. You were soooo sick. They got you up on your feet in a couple of days though. It was R.S.V. and (knock on wood) you have had no return bouts of it.
It has been a pleasure to spend the last three years with you, and this last year you have grown by leaps and bounds. In the last couple of months you started really talking. Up
till then it was just mumbled words and pointing. Now you talk as plain as can be and definitely get your point across quite plainly!

My hopes and dreams for you are bigger than the moon and stars itself. I hope you are always happy, and that become the person you are destined to be, and by far the most important thing for you to remember is that you remember that you are loved more than any words on a computer screen can explain. I love you so much it hurts!!

--Love Always and Forever
Your Mommy