Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Karma? Fate? hmm one wonders!

So a quick satisfying, funny post. No knitting though!

Ok so My Dad has been a painter (of houses, rooms etc, amoung his other famous skills) he started when he was a teenager, working for his grandfather. Bottom line he knows his chit! He stopped advertising about 3 and a half years ago cause he had enough to last him his life time and mine too :)

Phone Rings at my parents house this morning

Mom- Hello
Person on phone- Hi is M.C. (will not use names sorry) there?
Mom-Yes may I ask who is calling?
Person on phone- This is "the poopy head that your daughter's husband worked for)
Mom- Covers phone tells dad it is "poopy head that SIL worked for"
Poopy head- Hi, I have some painting I'd like you to do, could you come down and take a lookat it?
Dad- After the way you treated J.W. (my dear hubby) who is my son in law, I wouldn't do anything for you! CLICK
Poopy Head- *This is what happened in my imagined play* Whhhhhhat was that...holy chit man what the hellhave we done?

You see We knew the first person on thier list too, who happens to be someone my hubby worked for way back and is still very good friends with and he talked to him too, and he decided he didn't want anything to do with the job either.....hmmmm karma, or revenge? Either way it is pretty sweet. I am very proud of my dear papa ( I did not say OLD either MOM!!)

Other ways this could have played out...

Dad - sure I will come down and look at it.
Dad goes down and walks it with them and says to poopy head..gosh someone has already started the painting and they have done a darn good job......who was it?
Poopy Head-Oh J.W....our old caretakes
Dad-Oh wait you are the poopy heads who hired him? Oh in that case, go take a suck pill.........

Dad- Oh Poopy head? hmm Oh right I know who you are a know it all know nothing, worthless peice of chit. I'd rather have dog doo on my shoe than talk to you, go get a colonic you poopy head!

Ok so maybe the last scenario is a bit far fetched.....but man...oh there is also one with a bit of blood and gore too! No I don't wish anything ill on them (well maybe a couple bouts of the stomach flu, or a chronic sinus infection, reoccuring hiccups accompanied by an uncontrollabel eye twitch maybe???) umm anyway where was I? Yeah right nothing ill happening to them.....uh huh I don't really I don't! Stop looking at me like that I don't!!! I am not like that! All I want at this point is for the powers that be to sort it all out. These people kick a good family when they are down. And they know what it is lie to be down.....the "head" has leukemia for putts sake. We spent more time worrying about her well being than our own apparently. Anyway That's it for now!


Lesley said...

Ahahaha! Your dad is awesome :D

Mrs. H said...

YAY for your dad! He is so awesome! ROFL