Sunday, August 05, 2007

* CONTEST* Trivia type anyone can enter!!

Ok so If you are reading this and you are from a tiny island in Maine please do not ruin this for others.....I here by disqualify you from this here contest!!!!!

For all others.......we had 3 famous/well known/some not necessarily well liked BUT nonetheless special visitors to/around our small island and I want you to name them.......I will give you some back ground........1 of them belongs to this yacht!!!

The other 2 are married, and required 2 Black "Official" looking SUV's to get Priority Reserves on our ferry boat. Each had 1 driver and no passenger. Now bear in mind Prioritys are hard to come as a person have to be dying, just operated on or dead and coming home to be buried, to get one....unless you are the town and need to get demo or trash dumpsters out to and off island, or you are the state and you are sweeping the roads or doing repair on the ferry stuff!!! Come on and pass the word. The first to name
all 3 people will get a handmade goody!

And do you know what these might be in the near future????


Dianne said...

Wow, look at that yacht. I have no idea, though. Can you give us their initials? Hmmmm, the "not necessarily well liked" sounds like it could be a political person, or couple. How about the Clintons? Nah, Hillary is too busy out on the campaign trail (You Go Girl!) I know who I would LIKE it to be - Colin Firth...Alan Rickman...Hugh Grant...can you tell I'm a big fan of men in Jane Austen movies!

Knitted Gems said...

Well, I hate to hang onto Sonja's coattails, but, well, somebody has to win this contest. So, Sonja's part is The Yacht = Eric Claptons Yacht Blue Guitar

The political couple = the elder Bushes, Barbara & George Bush. (They have a home in Maine ... so could be close enough to jump aboard).

Am I right?

FYI: I found out about your contest from Mrs. H.