Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pictureless Post

OH my goodness! I have a case of startitis. I need the cure for that, and then will someone give me a case of finishitis? I was taking stock of what I currently have on the needles and thinking that I needed to get things done, so what do I do????? I cast on yet another project.... BLAH!!!!

Currently I have on the needles:
* A pair of toe up jaywalkers done 2 at once on circs.
* A lovely sage baby blanket done on SIZE 3's!!!!!
* A beautiful aran done in cashmerino
* A Rasta style baggy beret
* my angel ornaments
* a scrap yarn blanket which is always on the needles as I just add leftover yarn to it as it comes.

Now I know this doesn't sound like much BUT I also have
* Fiber that needs to be spun (just finished this AWESOME space dyed limey violetey turquise yummy merino stuff) That I have set and drying and I CAN NOT WAIT to knit it up into some yummmmmmmmo socks! I also have the fuschia all skeined up for miss S's winter hat.
* A hooked rug idea......u wait. I have the beautiful sunset pic as my profile pic on ravelry (i am craftymomma if you care to add me) and I want to blow it up and match the oranges and blacks and do a 3x6 area rug. I have the monks cloth I just need to get the yarns. I plan to sell it, and then make myself one.....they are expensive to make but we sell them at the LYS and there are 3x5's that are selling for $890.00 YOWSERS!!!!!!!!!!!
* and don't forget about the jobs.....remember those, that is where you actually make money, but it interferes with the knitting and crafting time (DANG it all to heck!!)
* oh yeah and last but certainly not least the kids..... and there are 3 of them, they have ways of interfering with craft time too!!!! Drooling little curtain climbers they are. But dang it they are thinks god makes em' that way so we don't eat them at birth! :)
* Oh yeah and then there are the PILES of pictures waiting for spare moments to put in scarpbooks! HMMMMMMMMMMM FOCUS FOCUS!!!

So for right now I am going ot focus on

1) The blanket, friend is due in OCtober and these are size 1 needles. PAttern right now is afairly simple on as I am past the scalloped lacey bottom for 23 1/2 inches it is seed stitch 5 stitches, k4, *yo k2tog, k7* repeat till last 9 stitches k 4, seed st. 5. P 1 row then the pattern is the same except it is k2tbl, yo. That be it.....pretty boring right now.
2) The hat cause there are too many naked heads in the shop right now and they wierd me out!!! PLus it should end fairly quickly as it it is an easy knit!

Them are my priorities....oh and the kids, can't foget the kids can I???!?!!!

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Dianne said...

I LOVE that picture on your Ravelry profile! How do you find the time to do all of your crafts with three kids, and working--do you ever sleep?