Saturday, August 25, 2007

20 things I am thankful for.

SO it is decided. While things seem bleak right now I have lots to be thankful for.

1. My husband, he truely is my other half. Without him I am not whole. He is my rock, and the bright spot in my every day. J, I love you, and you are an amazing man.

2. Miss S. a strong, know what I want beautiful young girl to butt heads with. You keep me on my toes for certain. I find myself struggling to stay one step ahead of you.

3. Big B man you changed my world. Laid back little guy, but you have found your voice and are becoming quite assertive!

4. Little B what can I say. You are my entertainer. Keep dancing, miracle boy so we can all keep smiling.

5. My health.

6. The ability to work.

7. My mom. She has beaten the odds more times than I care to count, and she fights for every day. I am thankful for every day.

8. My Dad, again he has beaten the odds, and will continue to do so.

9. My talents and craftiness. Without them I don't think I would make it through the trying times. (God help me if I run out of yarn in the next few weeks)

10. My home. I do have a roof over my head, it may be old, but it is mine and it doesn't leak.

11. The beautiful sunrise that greets me in the morning.

12. The incredible sunsets that ends each day with storybook charm.

13. This island with all it's beauty and peacefullness.

14. My cousin A. who is about the only family member who gives a rats a$$. (oops I will try not to be bitter)

15. For finding my voice and being able to stand up for what I believe in.

16. The the troops who have and continue to fight for our freedom and all our rights that go along with that freedom.

17. Wonderful Internet Friends to lift me up with cyber hugs.

18. My MIL who helps when and where she can.

19. The air that I breathe, clean ocean air.

20. Life.

Things have got to get better. J interviewed for a job this morning. He worked for the guy when we first got together and had for quite some time, he was a caretakers assistant. The caretaker got sick and they hired a new younger guy and John got a new regular job. If he were to get this job, we would have to move into thier house....which is 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms and beautiful! It would mean slightly higher pay.....possibly renting our home....although not sure how that works with insurance and such....., it would mean a 2 car garage with a full apartment over the top of it.......a huge yard, not being right in town on the roads........I am trying not to think about it because there were many other candidates.......and we were one of the late comers...........if you believe in the power of postive thought or prayer.....we could use all the help we can get..........I feel like I have an elephant on my chest.........we should have an answer in the next few weeks.


Mom and very proud Grandma & Grandpa said...

Many sunshine bright spots in our lives to keep the candle burning thank god. When one door closes many doors open and everything falls in place, though we know not what each will bring into our lives we tread on and keep smiling and make all wonder why we seem so happy. Life is way to short to let elephants or chitheads win. You are a wonderful group under your roof and you all bring smiles to many people around the world, keep smiling life will get better with time.

I must say that you and your doting hubby have a wonderful commitment to each other as well as to family and friends, of which you strive to give your all and then some. Taking time to reflect on the positives in life is a big uplift to spirit.

Know that you are all loved in our hearts forever and ever.

Wish there was more we could do besides always being here to listen and help as we can as you do for us. Stiff upper lip and determination we all get through what life gives us.

Your dad and I are truly blessed with the wonderful lady you have become with your many talents and blessed family u have added to our lives.

Love ya,
MOM Ø¿Ø ^¿^ ~¿O Õ¿Ô

Dianne said...

What a great mom you have! Listen to your mother - mothers always know best!

I'm hoping and praying that this job opportunity is the one that you are waiting for. I'm sending positive energy and good vibes your way.


Mother of Chaos said...

You've got all the positive thoughts I can muster coming your way!!

Hang in there!!!!

Sharon said...

Sending you positive vibes, all my optimism, fingers & toes crossed...