Friday, August 24, 2007

Warning: Explosive Rant!

I have to be careful because certain muggles have this blog address, so no names will be mentioned! My dear husband was "let go" today from a job he has had since Miss S was 2, so 5 years. He has given his heart and his soul to try and return the property to what it was when the late owners were alive. Unfortunately the previous caretaker left the place in complete disarray, and had been using thier equipment to do business of his own and really overworked it all! The houses were in bad need of paint and had leaks everywhere. They always had a contractor come in and do carpentry and painting but when my hubby took over it all became his responsibility, along with keeping everything mowed (60 acres) and cut back and all that good stuff. And then there was no one really in charge. His second year they gave him a check list of things that needed to be done every spring and fall. And then said that windows needed to get done,,,,well this past winter he had windows out and would have had themm all done were it not for the wife of one of sons telling him that the electric bill was too high and that needed to stop. This is how it always goes down there........There is one "head" and she is aging and of mildy ill health, and so she passed the buck on to her son, who hasn't even been here for 2 years, her other daughter comes and goes and actually did some work on the house with her boyfriend and his crew. But she has not been around for a while. The sons wife tho,,,,,,,,let me tell you, she is good at causing hate and discontent. She told us this winter she was taking over the finances......sooooo we sent her recipts that we were originally sending to the "head" as originally requested. Well all of a sudden we were getting not so nice e-mails about missing recipts and bouncing checks........(well the missing reciepts were for a grand total of like $60.00, and at the time of that deduction the account had a balance of a 5 digit figure NOT INCLUDING THE CHANGE!) So we thought we had that straightened out but I now have a sneaking suspicion that she has been stabbing us in the back since the beginning and that time it just got a bit bigger than she intended. I am sure they all think we were lieing.....but WHY would we keep the reciepts?????? HMMMMMMMMMM no maka no sense to me???? HOWZ BOUT YOU?

So here we sit 3 kids and I am already working more jobs than I can keep tract of and was thinking about eleminating one or 2 in th next few weeks.......guess not. I am sure it will all even out, but for right now, I am in charge of picking up the pieces that were up until this afternoon, my husband. He is devastated and feels like he has let us down, them down, and himself down. I don't know how to tell him, that it is not him..........they are a bunch of.......of.............of.............well hmm.................POOPY HEADS to quote my 3 year old son and I hae to say that is a lot nicer than I want to be!

Now I am sorry this seems inapropriate and it certainly is not crafty, but I too, just like my husband am shattered. We certainly have been waiting for the other shoe to drop, but NOT like this.


Dianne said...

Oh Crap! It sounds like the children are just greedy and don't want to spend their mother's money, thus lessening their inheritance. I'm so sorry you all are going through this, but I have to believe that another opportunity will come along, and it'll be even better than working for those "poopy heads"!

Lesley said...

Honey, I am sorry your family is going through this! Like you guys need it on top of everything else.

Big hugs!!

Mrs. H said...

*HUGS* to you, dear Cuz. Don't apologize for ranting. It's not at all inapropriate. And a message for the Huz Of Cuz... he did NOT let anyone down. The people he works for let HIM down! He's a good man who works hard for his family and there is a better job out there for him.

Sharon said...

It sucks that this is happening to your family. It's too bad that so many jerks are out there taking advantage of hardworking, decent people. You are in my thoughts.

Mother of Chaos said...

Poopy heads indeed!! I am so sorry. It sucks how often the good folks have to take the bullets for the poopy heads out there. :(

I'll be praying for BIGGER AND BETTER things for your husband.