Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life goes on.........

.......even though right now life is a shit sandwich and every day is a bigger bite, the world still spins, and everyone contiues to live life around us.

I have finished the Rasta Hat, and I think it came out pretty cute. Miss S was less than impressed to model it. Big B was much more compliant.

Big B went to his preschool screening, and just when we think he is catching up......they want him to go to a speech and occupational therapist. Hmmm, Ok so the tests were built for 4 year olds and HE JUST turned 3 Aug. 3rd.....and he has only REALLY been talking for like 9 months, and now it comes out in long sentences...Momma I wanna jump on the twampoline with sissy. Ummmmm hello, this is the kid who wouldn't say juice please 6 months ago.......and he wouldn't stand on one foot without hanging on to something..........Ohhhhhhhhh man, I just wanted to sob.......I know he lingers back on the relaxed side, and is in no rush to compete with kids his age.....but in 10 minutes they decide he has problems that need to be firther investigated...but they are probably nothing. Don't get me wrong.....if there is something we can do to help him out I do want to know...but why now? Why on top of everything else do we have to wait for an appointemnt to open up and the spend time (and money) on the mainland to get him tested......why now...why not 6 months ago, when "how the bills are going to get paid" wasn't an issue.......
The Blaket grows......quite quickly now because I have to stay busy. I am a stress knitter. So LimenViolet keeps me smiling and knitting keeps me sane. And in times like these I need a whole lot of both! Overall I like the pattern and it is beautiful! BUT OMG poke me in the eye with KP Options (for those of you non knitters, they are VERY sharp metal knitting needles, I am in love with em")

So Big B is Very serious about potty training.....can you tell? He was showing off for his brother.

And at the end of the day the sun still sets. This is the biggest reason I do not want to leave The rock I live on......where else on the planet can you find beauty like this?

My hubby took this picture 3 nights ago from the ferry dock, it overlooks the casino......I think he may have sed the flash which is why there is a light spot in the casino window.....man it is breath taking!

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