Monday, August 13, 2007

AND the winner is!!!!!

hmmmmm I think I will keep you in suspense and get on with some knitting goodness!!! HAHAHAHAHA, You are at my mercy!!! :) Just kidding!

This is the beutiful aran I am knitting out of cashmerino! I love the way it is working up!

Do you see what I see? F.O.'s. 3 of them to be exact! WOoohhooooo these are absolutely adorable. I knit up a newborn, a 3-6 month and a 6-9 month. Easy Peasy pattern!!

See little B over there....poor guy was falling asleep in his food!

And as if I don't have enough on the needles!!!!! I cast on for a baby blanket. A friend is having a baby in Oct. and I am tryign to get it started. This is not my usual baby pattern and I have attempted this pattern before and stopped because it was a difficult pattern to interpret! I am knitting it in a sagey green cotton fleece. So it will be appropiate for both girls and boys. And since they are some of "those" annoying people (just kidding, but seriously come on!!) that don't find out what they are having, I had to come up with something other than YELLOW (UGH!!!)

The oattern is coming out beautifully this time!!!!! I can now read patterns easily!

AND so the winner is blogless SONJA she got it all!!!!!! Here is the picture of the Blue Guitar. And it was George and Barbara Bush for our famous couple.

My first purchase at the LOOPY EWE WOOOOOOOHOOO I love it I love it Ilove it!!

I am gonna get to try CHERRY TREE HILL YAHOOOO

Kauni EL for a well I dunno any sugestions!

I have Kauni Ek too but the post didn't allow me to post that picture too it is yellows and greens!!!


Mrs. H said...

What colorway is the Cherry Tree Hill? I love that stuff! The squishibility is off the charts with it!

Dianne said...

George and Barbara - of course! I just cast on some Cherry Tree Hill for the first time, and I am loving it! So soft, so vibrant. Ooooh! You're going to love it, too. The hats are adorable!

Shelley said...

Those little hats are so cute! You did an awesome job on them.

Little B looks as though he's praying for his cute.