Saturday, September 01, 2007

Things that make you go hmmmm

Ok so I work at my local yarn shop, and as most of you know my hubby has been "let go" from his job, and we are somewhat mystified and a whole lot peeved......anyway.......I am greeting people as they come in and a large group comes in and I am in themiddle of my welcome blah blah blah and there is an art gallery upstairs blah blah when the last person comes in and is looking in the opposite direction...hears my voice and sort of turns her head, makes semi- eye contact and then her whole body follows her head clear around and right back out the same door she had JUST stepped in through and down over the stairs she went........any ideas who she was??????

Yeppers, the head poopster! I laughed inside, cause I just kept smiling and talking very nicely with the other customers.......she can't face me, and I think it is rather telling...........if my hubby truley deserved to be fired, she shoudl be holding her head up high.....but she can't face me!

On a better note....hubster got hired for a small....very very very small caretaking job, actually it is a key holding job......the money isn't much but the man is a sweet heart and as things come up hubb ubb can bill hourly for work. He has his name in on another and I sent the "Big" job a note just thanking them for sitting down with the hub and apologizing for not being able to get there with him, and it reitterated that we living in the house is a NON issue. I am pondering what to send next week if we still have not heard anything.........I have read and people have told me to make sure you express your interest once a week, so they can't forget your name! Keeping crossing your fingers for us PLEASE!!!!


Dianne said...

My fingers are toes are eyes are crossed...


Mrs. H said...

Oh, Cuz, that is freakin' hilarious! Head Poopster should never have messed with an Outlaw Knitter or her family. heehee

Congrats to Huz of Cuz on the job and I'm praying real hard for the him to get the other job!

Sharon said...

I'm so glad things are looking better. They will continue to get better. How funny that that bee-yotch doesn't have the stones to face you...she's totally spineless. But we knew that. ^o^