Monday, September 17, 2007

Coveted tools

Oh how I love Knit picks, I love their yarn, I love their options needles, and man oh man dare I say I love the looks of these needles!! They are wood too and so unique. I am secretly coveting them. I so want to be rich right now, and I am rich, in love and friendship, but I mean MOOLAH. ot that these needles are expensive, because that is the best part about them......they are sooooooo reasonable. and I do already have the all I need is the tips! see, there is the spend $45 and get free shipping thing that gets me every time..........and with DH not working that would certainly be a frivolous expenditure. So for right now I will just post the picture to my blog and drool!!!

Things are the same here....still no sign of work. Ads posted in our newspaper and in the neighboring islands newspaper. I will have ulcers before this is all over. I am a financial worrier (as I think most women are ) and to know that there is only 1 more paycheck, and the bills will continue to come in is scaring the crap out of me to say the least!

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N. Maria said...

Knitpicks is such a bad influence! I love them.....and the new options are stunning!