Friday, September 14, 2007

This Blog Post says it all+

Honestly....This is one of the blogs I read regularly, and I think the blogess and I share the same............psychosis, if you will! I plan to post later today with pictures of my finished objects...they are blocking right now. I am not happy with them..........

The baby pardon me, I am of the mind that a blankie should be longer than it is wide...or posibly even square....but wider than long UMMMMMM NO. But indeed it is in the pattern measurements too......grrrrrr why didn't I loo at that? Possibly because I was in love with the (neatly folded so you could not see that that size is ALLLLLLLL freaking wrong!!) picture and didn't figure anyone would be screwing with the laws of baby blankets!! Now why didn't I notice that the blanket was off?? Good question but one I can certainly explain........2 reasons actually, I knit this on a too small circular.......20 inches to be exactly SIZE 2's BAHHHHHH, so it was all scrunched up at the top and squished in general............and 2 I was too dang dumb to look at the freaking deminsions!!!! GRRR freaking grr.....but it is a gift and generally speaking it does not look like cat puke sooooooo she is getting it and she will cover her bay with and and she wil like it!

The other item is my secret stole swatch. I have never knitted with beads, thereore I have never bought beads to knit with. Generally speaking this whole project is going out on a limb for me! I swatched ad I threw in 2 different kinds of beads, thinking it would help me clarify my decision on which beads to go with.....ummmmmm NO in fact the beads I was pretty sure I would use I am not un-in love with and the other beads I am sort of EH aboout! So be ready to help me make up my mind...........please.

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Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

I say we find the person who wrote the baby blanket pattern and give them a stern talking-to. Baby blanket measurements are sacred!