Thursday, September 27, 2007

No picture Thursday!! Is there such a club?? I think there should be. You see I have pictures, they are just still in the camera. I have wonderful pictures, but I am lacking the gumption to get off my arse, march through the dinning room and into the kitchen, grab the camera and then go on the hunt for the dang cord. So this is Pictureless Wednesday and I think I will make a point to keep that up. I have things to say but no pics to go with them, so I will save all that stuff for Thursday!

I am thinking (can you smell me?) about a few different projects, and I would love love love your input. I wish I could do a contest but I still have not mailed out the last prize......(I have NOT forgotten you, really I have not, it is just the situation at the moment!) but perhaps things will change and I will be able to do something. I do not forget these things so pass this post on I want lots of input and it isn't just knitting stuff!

Projects I need help with!

1) Dyeing!!!! You know that kauni rainbow it is purdy. It is also expensive and I happen to have a few bare skeins of knit picks that I was going to try Wilton Cake Dyeing. I have done the whole Kool-Aid dyeing which is fun and I loved the results but was told the cake icing paste results in more intense colors. I want to immulate the kauni yarn in that I will do a rainbow dealie. Questions I have are. How long (as in inches, yards whatever) are the kauni repeats? And some successful techniques from those who have done it...... any tips, tricks or things to watch for.

2) I would like to do some canning with my kids but know NOTHING and I mean NOTHING at all about canning. I would like to take some of the apples and pears I am seeing ripen on the trees and makes some jellys or jams. Applesauce perhaps and do them up for christmas. Do I need a pressure cooker, and really good basic websites that I should turn to and any personal advice would be good too.

3) I am thinking about asking for a raise at one of my this is a position that I work from home, use my internet, but I really don't put in all that many I feel kind of odd asking about a raise...........I think I am going to talk with the vice president who WAS the president until Aug about it. She knows what is going on and Perhaps she will take this under her wings. I don't need help but I just sort of guess I need some prodding. I also have my name in on another on island at home job. We shall see!


Danielle said...

I'm not sure what to tell you about canning & the raise, but I was reading on Ravelry about the Kauni yarn, today, and someone said that it is about 35m per color. I hope that helps!

Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

The only thing I know about for these questions is applesauce. You can cook it up and freeze it in any freezer safe plastic container. My grandma used to fill cottage cheese containers with it and freeze them. Grandpa still does this.