Friday, September 14, 2007

Ok here they are in no particular order

The baby blanket of doom!! Do you see that wee little bit of blue sticking out? Well belive it or not.....there is a full sized towel under that baby, and that is all you can see, you wanna know why that is all you can see? Cause the stitching has come undone and that is part of the fold. This blankie is as wide as a full size bath towel is long, and it is a little bit longer than a bath towel is wide. Now is anyone else on the same page? Is this not the wrongest dimensions for a baby blankie???

I like the pattern, but if there is a next time there will be fewer repeats and it wil be longer. Yhe hearts came out purdy though. Now this a sage green, I think it is actually Dusty Sage. It is cotton Fleece, which is put out by Brown Sheep. There are 7 skeins in that puppy!

This is my SOS Kal swatch. The swatch has beads in it but was not required to have them in it. I have never knit with beads so I wanted to play a bit. Now I thought I would use the matte beads on the top cause they are matte and varying shades that compliment the yarn color. BUT the bottom beads are the same shade as the yarn but the inside is silver so it picks up the shine nicely. I am baffled, I have no idea which to go with! HELP!!!

We had our first round of Monarchs. I think we had 8 of them and when we set them free they lingered a while. Last year right around this time we had a beloved member of our island family lose her life way to early and the monarchs were astonishing, she was always taken with monarchs and said if she couldn't come back as a mermaid than she would be a butterfly. So Monarchs have new meaning for me.

My wee one looking manly in hus "spenders"

He has become quite the ham. His lip is slightly fat still from his face plant on his pacifier last week that split the inside. This is the second time he has done it......pacifiers are gone except in his bed!!!

Here are the before shots....... My curly boy.....oh so uncontrollable. He came to me today and said. Momma.....I wan haia (no r's on the end we are from Maine people) like my daddy's pwease.

To which I replied very tentively, are you sure honey?

Yes mamma I dooooooooo pwease mamma.

Ok, are you going to be scared of the buzz clippers?

Nope mamma I won. I pwomise mamma.

Meanwhile I am thinking that I have nvere cut curly little boy hair, and am not quite sure where to start. I am more than a little bit afraid of the buzz clippers in my middle babes hair myself. I like his blonde curls, even when they are at thier "fro-iest"

What will he look like with no unruly waves hovering, halo-esque on top of his beautiful face? I am not sure I want to see that.

"Hey Big B, are you sure you want mommy to cut your hair?"


Ok so he is still very handsome, and the curl certainly has not left, there is plenty of wave left in those locks! Sorry for the blur he movedin closer as I was snapping the picture. Man he looks adorable!

He now looks like a boy in control of his locks, instead of a boy controlled by his locks!!! I have 3 beautiful offspring! They certainly do give me something to get up for in the morning!


Shelley said...

Awww he's such a handsome little fellow! Those curls are soooo cute - I can't believe he'd want to lose them...but then if he wants to be like Daddy, off they go. I suppose they'll always grow back though ;o)

Anonymous said...

Curls or no curls he is handsome and lifts my spirits with his twinkle and humor!! All 3 of the grandchildren angels are a blessing to us. Would not even think of giving one away........... Shy is our sweet loving granddaughter and the first naturally but boy those boys sure settled in our hearts in a very big way also. No matter how bad ya feel they lift you up and make you want to keep on going. Love and Kisses to all 5 of ya.
can ya guess from who lol

has to be the mom of crafty daughter

Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

With or without, he's one handsome little guy. :)

I like the blankie. And for what it's worth... the bottom beads IMO.

N. Maria said...

Your kids are adorable!

I like the bottom beads.
If you still can't decide, throw them all together and use what you pull out...mix and match.

It IS so hard to decide.