Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tuesday's Show Off day

I am doing the EZ knitter's almanac knit along, it was featured in the knit picks catalog, and the podcast as well as in several other places....only here's the thing I am sort of lurking as I don't really have the required yarn for the projects last month or this month but I am knitting EZ's Baby surprise jacket and I have to say this thing is REALLY wild.....I am still not sure how it will come together, but all the seaming you do is from the neck to the edge of the sleeve.......2 seams. I am amazed at how ODD it looks but am loving how quickly it is knitting up....it is teeny tiny.

The Aran I have been working on is coming along......I love it but needed a break so I started the EZ BSJ. But as you can see in comparison to the last pic of it, it has come along way. See the chair....we got it from the transfer station. I love it, it rocks, it swivels and it is sooooooo comfy for knitting in....I need to find a new cushion for it, as this one I belive is just an old lawn chair cushion someone improvised with.

Oh my goodness isn't this kid a goof!?! Bret is such an entertainer. He was showing his little friend his tool bench. SHowing her the ropes....he would jibber jabber and look at her and nod and then push a button and she would smile and then he would tell her a bit about the saw......I love the tool bench the boys have a blast at it.

An FO for me of the non knitting kind. The boys now have all 3 kids now have John Deere Fleece PJ's. They are alot of fun to make in reality. They make a royal mess of the sewing maching with all the fuzz!! But the kids love them. And I have to say they are so soft and squishy all I want to do when they are in them is cuddle them up!

Bret was soooo over tired, and Shy was not impressed with having her pictures taken PERIOD that it was a struggle to get these ones!!! And Bud, look at him, he looks like he is in pain.......but truley he is saying CHEEEEEEEEEEESE. The poor boy, whenever you break out a camera he gets all over dramatic. Honestly he is adorable, but EVERY picture I have of the little bugger his face is all squished and contorted!!! :) Gotta love him!

Figured I would preface my knitting bit with the source of all of our yarny goodness!

These were part of our apple picking, cider pressing field trip that I will talk more about in a future issue of this blog.

He looks like he is poseing! Just stood there begging for a single shot!

That is Bud with his girlfriends little sister in the back ground and in the foreground is his girlfriend and another little girl. He loved the sheep and the chickens and the apples and all the kids......it was fun to watch him interact!

This is what I have been spinning forever now! It is a silk and merino blend in a beautiful aqua color. I am spinning it thin and thinking about 2 plying it, but also the thought of a 3 ply is calling to me.......I really want it a lace weight though and I think a 3 ply will make it to thick!...

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