Monday, October 15, 2007

Knitting and Dirt Cheap Kid Entertainment!

So yet another F.O. I finished my triple twist moeibeus knitters bowl.. I LOVE IT!!! It took 2 skeins of the main color, and one for the pockets and then a little bit of peace fleece for the applied i-cord trim. Unfelted this mammoth could swallow 3 adult heads whole! Felted it will comfortably hold 3 or 4 project skeins, and then all the extras you can imagine. This was a fun knit. I highly recommend The second treasury of Magical Knitting by Cat Bordhi to one and all!

Look at this thing! WOWSERS it was humongous!

Welcome to the Zoo! The boys found the case lot diaper box and had a blast playing with it while sissy had a bath. Bud pushed Bret around,

Bud pushed Bret over, in this photo he seems to be saying "if we box him up can we send him back?" :)

WHO US, terrors? Mom you have to be joking right? We are too darn cute to be terrors!

Miss Shy had to get in on the action......DADDDDDD, HEY DADDDDD COme HERE NOW!!!!! To which Dad turned deaf ears.....finally the scream became deafening, and I gave him the "GO SEE WHAT HER PROBLEM IS" elbow to the gut! And this is what she was up to!!

Bret getting even by pushing BUd over! LMBO!


Dianne said...

It looks like the kids were having a super time! Love the bowl, too. It looks so complicated. I've got to add that book to my wish list!

mausermama said...

I got your comment on my blog (mauser98 at homeschoolblogger). I've been percolating on your questions. The answer is, yes, you absolutely can homeschool on a shoestring... free, even! There is even a book out there called Homeschool Your Child for Free. These are the things that I would consider very important if you do choose to do this with minimal investment cost... a computer with high speed internet (okay...I know that's expensive, but a lot of families already have that as a matter of course), a good public library, a love for your children, an enjoyment for good literature, and a desire to expose them to lots of different experiences. Also, it takes putting yourself second...sometimes more than you might like. There are days where knitting doesn't happen until late at night, if it happens at all, but then, I know I'm in this for the long run, and I enjoy the challenge and the blessings each and every day. I know I'm rambling, but I'd welcome an email from you, and we can continue the discussion. I have several free or almost free websites I can recommend ( is one that is excellent. You can contact me via email off my blog.

Shelley said...

Oh my gosh, your kids are too cute! My little nephew loved boxes too...he still might, though not sure.

Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

I have a surprise for you. Check my blog and follow da links.