Thursday, October 11, 2007

Waiting, finishing, waiting, finishing and more waiting!

Ok so it is Pictureless Thursday! :) Currently I am waiting for the 2nd Secret of the Stole Clue!! I am in charge of writing the chart out, so those who can't read charts can still participate. I am so looking forward to knitting the clue is the only problem. If I am charting I can't be knitting it!

So I cast on for a hat for my special sitter.......and I finished it the next day. The problem is, I blocked it, and it WILL NOT dry! It has been damp and rainy for 4 days now! BAH, I blocked the hat and the BSJ and man oh man do they look good!

Did I mention I am loving the SOS KAL and I am looking forward to clue #2!

I cast on yesterday for a felted moebius bowl and finshed it and it is felting now. After I finsihed that, I cast on a Trifold Knitters Bowl. Which is also a moebius but it has 3 crossings. It is interesting looking in progress. I will post pics eventually.

Oh yeah Hurry up midnight so I can get a look at clue #2!! :)

Ok I will not bore you with my tales any longer-

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Danielle said...

I, too, am enjoying SOS.
Where did you find the patterns for the 2 bowls? I have a friend who is looking for patterns like those.