Sunday, October 14, 2007

SotS clue #2 and FO"s

Ok so I am now addicted to Moebius Knitting. I have Cat Bordhi's Second Treasury of Magical knitting and I have had it for quite some time actually and could never figure out the set up! I had always assumed the twist in the knitting occured by twisting before starting in the round.....oh needless to say I needed some mindless kniting and had hauled all of my knitting books to my local SnB for everyone to peruse through and was reminded of how many cool projects there are in this book. So I set my mind to figure it out and I did. This was moebius #1, see the twist in the handle. I blocked this
over a downy dispensing ball to show you how small it is.

F.O. #2 my Emily hat. I love the way it came out. And here is one of my goals for Oct. Color work WOOHOO!!! Yeah! Now for mittens and the dreaded sweater!

I think Emily will really like it, and now Shyanne wants one too! If it means she will wear a winter hat I will knit her one without complaint!

This odd looking thing is Moebius project #2. It is a trifold, meaning there are 3 twists in the moebius. This thing is HUGE. It is a knitters basket. It will be felted, see the black lines? Not the trim around the top but there are 20 stitch dashes on scrap yarn that I have now ripped out and put pockets in. Once felted this is supposed to be just big enough for a cake or 2 of yarn in the middle held snug so it doesn't escape to roam around the floor of cat, dog, and human hair, along with kiddie crumbs. I am having a hard time imagining it felting that small. We shall see. I am currently knitting the flower-esque petals for the top enclosure. This thing reminds me of the gremlin baby pods from the movie Gremlins. You know how the babies hatched out of the pod like things that were all slimey. and when they popped out the top kind of will see better after it is felted.
This is clue #2 finished from SotS ! I love this pattern. It is beautiful. The beads don't really show up but they are there, they match but are lined with silver to lend a bit of glitter in person.

There was some discussion about speed of knitting in the forums. I am a fairly quick knitter, but the person implied that by knitting fast we are not enjoying. I enjoy the knitting very much! I am always looking at how it is unfolding. I can't wait for the next segment, meanwhile I will work on the godforesaken sweater, and the gremlin egg :)

Knit On!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That looks lovely! I also am doing mine in a dark color (plum) and using beads which kind of reflect the plum.

I agree with you about the knitting speed vs enjoyment etc.

I don't think the original questioner was trying to be mean, though. She was simply trying to make sense of something she couldn't quite understand - and I thought she asked it politely enough so I didn't mind answering.

This pattern is pretty, but it is also fairly straightforward, and some patterns are like that. They just lend themselves to being finished more easily for some people. I don't consider myself a "quick knitter" but this pattern has knit up quickly so far.

Nautical Knitter said...

Your hint #2 looks wonderful! I love it in that color.

kimberly said...

I love your sotc! The color is great! I just posted my bit about knitting fast on the board. I'm enjoying this sooo much. I'm by no means a quick knitter but as infpknitter said, this is a quick but great pattern. I can't wait to see how this turns out. Hugs!

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Wow, your stole is gorgeous!!!!!

Arianwen said...

Wow you have a lot finished in this post. Your Stole looks great - the dark colour really shows the pattern.

Shelley said...

Wow, looks like you've been getting a lot of knitting done! Good for you! I've not tried the moebis (or however you spell it) looks rather difficult.

Woolfish said...

wow your stole looks grat, I agree about the speed of knitting, I have other things to do and knit so haven't started clue2 yet but that doesn't mean I am not interested, I will start in the next couple of days. Love your other knittting too

Jknits said...

Thank you for sharing - I'm so inspired now (also in the KAL) Your choice of yarn is great.

Vykky said...

Love LOVE LOVE your yarn! Plum is so my favorite color...on myself! LOL! And yes, you my dear, are a fast knitter - especially compared to me. Oh, we all have life and other knitting to work on but your technique must be a pleasure to watch whereas mine is...laughable! But hey, we're gettin' it done and all our stoles look wonderful - doncha think?!?

Anonymous said...

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