Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pictureless Thursday

Ok so here I am again.....I did sooo well for a few days running. Posted consecutively, formulated entries and pics in my head for the next entry....and then WHAM life gets in the way all over again!

Knitting goodies.....Ok so I am well on my way for November and achieving my goals. I cast on my socks I was supposed to plan for next month as one of my goals.....I am using my hand spun, I am doing 2 at once on circulars. Size 1 addis, it is the jaywalker pattern. I love this space dyed stuff it was so much fun to spin, and just as much fun to knit. There is some variance in thickness and twist but so far the ribbing looks very nice.

I am 1/3 done the back of the aran from heck.

I am thinking about casting on the felted mittens......thinking about it..........hmmmmmm..........

Yesterday I even dining room is now a kid free zone......cleared all the corners, moved things around a all the TOYS (teeny tiny trains that when stepped on pierce the skin and end up almost in your hip bones) de scuzzed the wood floor, vaccumed and dusted, then started on the living room. I think I have decided to just stay in the dining room....the kids can have the living room....EXCEPT on Grey's night, Private Practice Night and Desperate Housewives niight. Then I just need enough room for me, and my knitting in a prime spot aimed directly at the TV, and god help the kid/animal/ manchild that gets between me and my TV on those time slots!! I will be armed with needles and wool, and I think I can figure out how to knit a straight jacket in record time with some sort of device for suspending you from the ceiling fan to get you out of my way and torture you at the same time!!!!!

Things are temporarily looking up on the job front.....not the same kind f money.....John is helping clear trees (on the property that he applied for the full time caretaking job, that would have meant living closer to mom and dad, and in a NICE BIG house with a 2 car garage and full apartment over head....ladies READ YARN HIDEAWAY...........) he did not get the job, BUT he will be filling on the weekend because the guy that DID get hired is not from here and has 2 daughters in MA that he will go home to every weekend....hmmmm go figure.....WTF. But anyway we are keeping our foot in the door anyhow. He is helping with the new school project part time and then he has the maintanence man job, and is currently working on his Bus Drivers License. Our bus driver decided to go to a 10th grade sponsered dance for all aged kids the Sat. before Halloween and she had been drinking....hmmmmm.......again WTF????? Go figure.

Well It is kind of a dark blah day....I think I am having company for the afternoon and it feels like a coffee and cribbage kinda day. She doesn't knit, and I am not sure she wants to learn.........keep poking her about it!!

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Dianne said...

A non-knitter for a friend? I feel your pain. My best friend has no interest in knitting. [sigh]