Thursday, November 01, 2007

BSJ #2

Ok so I am addicted......these things are soooooo darn cute. and easy, and odd, and ....and and. Elizabeth Zimmermann was a genius. I need her book Knitting without Tears and then the individaul paterns from Spun out Designs
and I will have (I think) all of Ez's printed goodies..... man to have money.....but when you think about it $40.00 for 40 patterns.....not a bad I don't need the BSJ so....... I REALLLLLLY want to knit the Adult Surprise Jacket. I ahve seen it knit up on a few blogs and it impresses me. It looks like a nice cozy sweater to wear around the house.

This sweater is madeout of Lamb's Pride worsted weiht brown and bulky pink.......I didn't notice I had picked up bulky till I ad started knitting and that was the only pink she had.....

At the year end sale at my LYS, I got some goodies.......I had her save my last paycheck, and then she gave me a huge discount on the yarn and then topped it all with 40% off.......I love her! But she knows we are in a rough spot and that this is literally my therapy/sanity saver. I can now d Ez's Bohus which will be my first color attempt on a sweater.

Hope all is well. I will update my Oct. Goals and then post my November goals tomorrow!

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