Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy Belated Halloween!!

Halloween is my favorite Holiday! An excuse to be someone else, and escape realiy for a day!! WOohoo. But I have to say having 3 kidlings and getting them all geared up for the big day is interesting. Shyanne had an afterschool party of Friday afternoon, a dance on Saturday evening and then on Wednesday had a party at school, and then of course trick or treating......4 times to perfect the routine......ONLY she wanted to be different each time.....phew. Bud had a school thing Weds. Am and then trick or treating.

I love the expression on Bud's face in this one! LMBO too cute!

So this is Shyanne's class.....minus 1 little girl. Well actually this is grade 1 &2 the 3 boys are 1st grade and the 2 girls are 2nd. There is one other girl in the 2nd grade.

This is my dear hubby. Bless him it was actually a very warm day and he was soaked by the time he took his gear off. The kids LOVED it though. Who doesn't love a fire fighter. I know I do!

This is a whole school picture........well everyone who is dressed......and the background is our new 6.7 million dollar school......hmmmm, did I mention this was pretty much the whole school in this picture......and that the new school is costing 6.7 MILLION dollars? YIKES!!!!

Spider man is spying on someone!!

Buddy was looking pretty bored!!

This is the kindergarden class for this year, next year and the year after...Bud's actual class is the kitty from the back step, the tree, the cheer leaders (twins) the good witch (between twin one and the bride), and Batman. 2 others are missing.

John figured he would scare Bret with this has a little pump and it oooozes blood between the layers......

Bret Laughed at him..........John was so disappointed!!! :) Our kids are pretty nutty that way!


Shelley said...

The kids were so adorable in their costumes!

Wow, that's such a small school. I guess there aren't many living in that area?

Dianne said...

It looks like everyone had a good time! Can't wait to see what a 6.7 million dollar school looks like. Wow.