Friday, November 02, 2007

Oct. Goals revisited and Nov. goals

Recap of Oct. Knitting list.

1. Finish Baby Surprise Jacket Done in fact I completed 2. One pink and brown and if you lookback a black and red one!

2. Finish front of Aran. Check!!! Woohoo

3. Knit the first 3 clues of the Secret Stole (starts on the 5th woohoo) YAHOOO I am starting hint #5

4. Make a pair of mittens..... ummmmm OK, well do I get credit for picking the yarn and roving ???? See pic

5. Try Color work again (possible in the form of said #4's mittens??) Check, only I did 2 Hats!! A pik ad black pirate, and a navy and light blue pirate hat YEEHAW!

6. Finish the bobbin of lace weight and start on a second. Umm OK so I really have to work on this.....I sat down for maybe 30 minutes at my wheel.......we actually may have to sell it.. :(

November Challenge to myself!

1. A pair of Mittens.

2. Half of the back of Aran

3. Clues 5-7 of SotS

4. Socks planned.

I am keeping Nov. light as I have a pretty stressful month ahead.

Bud has his surgery on the 12th. Dad has a possible surgery at the end of the month, Mom has started a new regime, and we are waiting to see if this knocks her into a holding pattern, or HOPEFULLY knocks her numbers down! She maxxed out on the other regime and it has sort of fizzled, with her numbers going up fairly reliabley towards the end.

All this probably means I will knit more than I have said here, BUT who knows..........

Take a peek at all the goodies.

I have yarn porn too. My LYS had thier end of season sale as I said in the last post.....I will post pics.

This stole is turning out beautifully.

This is not true to color. YUCK!!! the next one is truer to color.


Shelley said... were really busy! I didn't get anything accomplished since coming to Korea. I started a pair of socks a couple of weeks ago..but I'm going to have to put those on hold I think and get a pair of fingerless gloves knit up's cold in the school and I want to keep my hands warm but keep my fingers free to type on the computer or write on the board, etc.

Dianne said...

You have been a busy bee! Everything looks great - love the BSJ - I've got to knit one of those!

I'm sending healing vibes your way for your parents & B. Lots of hugs for you, too!