Monday, July 16, 2007

Contest Winners :)

Hey all I just drew the names for my Anniversary idea contest........The overall idea winner was
Tales from the Den of Chaos- not a new idea to me but it needed to be drawn from the cesspools of my brain!
My names in the hat drawing which Miss S drew was I like yarn.....but I felt like it felt kinda rigged so I drew another name to add to the first 2!!!
The second was trek I have posted to each of your blogs and am awaiting your address info!!! Thank you to all who participated!! I look forward to doing another in the future!

--ME :)


Mrs. H said...

*blink, blink* Me? I never win anything. Seriously. LOL

trek said...


I tried to send a return email to you but the mail system says it is delayed. Hope you get this.

Mother of Chaos said...

I had the same problem - I just got the "permanent fatal error" email.

Ah, the joys of technology are without end...