Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Toys!!! Lova at first sight!

Ok so I have been painfully yearning for a spinning wheel for quite a while now. I have been researching them and trying to figure them out. What I have found is that spinners really don't know exactly what to tell you. Experienced spinners just now that they like what they like. The science of it seems to escape everyone. I did alot of questioning at Ravelry (which kicks booty) and finally struck upon some worthy advice. Most people feel that you should try them before you buy them but then people said that like a Harley, when you drive a wheel off the lot, it doesn't depreciate. So if after you gain some
experance you decide that there is a better fit, then sell this one and buy a new one.
This thing is beautiful. The grain of the wood etc. I think if I didn't have little ones I would like to have a bigger one that looks more......well......"traditional" but for now this one is teensy and can be tucked away and she is fairly purdy! Now if I can just play with her.

With my limited experience I would DEFINITELY say get it PRE ASSEMBLED!!!!! These things are odd to put together. There are no worded directions. Just these funny drawings with exclamation points and lightening bolts, and pictures of candles, and bottles of oil.

Ain't she sexy???? Now I am going to go put some buns in the oven......( cinnamon buns....where's your head!!!) and maybe see what I can spin up......my fingers.....my hair....the dog.......a kid?????


Mrs. H said...

Kid yarn? Now that would be interesting. *laffin'*

It really is purty. :)

Dianne said...

Ooooooh, it's a beauty. I hope you have lots of fun with it!

Mother of Chaos said...

Beautiful!! Enjoy!

Spiffy Knits! said...

Lovely, lovely wheel! have fun with her!

trek said...


Vicki said...

Well said.