Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fineeto, WOOHOO I think it is bee-u-t-full!!!!

It is done and it is beautiful! I love love love it! This is an awesome lace pattern and it is simply beautiful!!!
Couldn't get any human volunteers so my teddy did it for me!!!!!! Don't forget to click on the contest button and join the fun. 2 people will be chosen on the 16th of July. It is simple people and everyone can enter, you don't have to be married!!!

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Kim said...

I just finished this piece! We chose the same color. Can I ask how you blocked it? I'm thinking of rolling up towels and stretching it over them, then pinning everything out nice and straight.

I'm a little concerned that my cast-on may have been a bit snug but done's done. I'll have to live with it now.