Friday, July 06, 2007

Reluctant Model

I amlovig this pattern and currently I have just 1 and a half more repeats before I get tothe bottom edge......which is actually on the needles. I asked him if he would be my handsome model and he said yeah mom until I went to put it on his head. He FREAKED out...uhoh momma it gonna stick me, hurt, make owees!!! I convinced him I wouldn't let it and so he reluctantly posed for me. Then he decided Mom was silly..........yo know what this littl stinker has taken to doing now? Bare in mind this is the kid who takes everything in and is ABSOLUTELY sure of himself BEFORE he attempts anything, he never crawled, didnt walk til he was 18 months or better, just within the last month or so really started talking.....but when he walked he never fell, and now that he is talking he surprises us all the time........he was trying to get Daddy's it was, dad, .......daddy........DADDDDDDDDDY, and when that didn't work it was DADDY DUKIS!!!!!!! Cracked me up. Then tonight he tried one on me....OK so you expect it to be cute right????? HMMMMMMM Me think not so much.
"mom, .....momma.........Mommy..........MOOOOMMMMMMY,
HEY BABES!!!" Ok so after I almost pee'dmy pants laughing so hard my sides hurt, I had to decide....... be a good parent of the 21st century and explain that, that is sexist an inapropriate, or let it slide and hope like hell he doesn't decide to come out wth this in public....I choose the latter road. I figured I had already let the twerp see me and his dad laugh until we hurt so what was te point in making a big deal out of it. So far he hasn't come out with it again. I carumba!

So this is the Lily of the Valley Smoke Ring from Susan over at gorgeous fun thing to knit. Doesn't Big look cute in it????


susan said...

Wow, it looks great!

Mrs. H said...

That is too funny! Of course you know that every e-mail or comment you get from me for awhile will start with a HEY BABES. LOL

Love the smoke ring. And the model. :)

KimT said...

very cute! Funny too.

I read your comment on the brit knitter's last post. Your story encourages my soul.

Dianne said...

Thanks for the comment on yesterday's post. We are all praying for a healthy baby (and healthy momma).

Thanks for the advice on splicing, too. So, spit is the moistener of choice! I tried a few times but got frustrated because it still looked like a clumpy mess. I'll have to keep working on it...hopefully when I am in a more patient state of mind!