Monday, July 09, 2007

Awards and RAVELRY!!!!

Ok so I was awarded this title a few weeks back by my cousin over at I LIKE YARN. Now I need to pass on the pestigous award to 5 rockinggirl bloggers that I feel worthy of the title.
This has been a tough call. I have wayyyyyy more than 5 blogs I read quite regularly but I will figure out how to mae them feel special too!
Oh yes and you are supposed to tag 5 people that you consider Rockin Girl Bloggers, if I have tagged you!!!
1) Susan at Knitting as fast as I can. Why, because I am in awe of her patterns, and her spinning. She has beautiful Stuff! Check it out!!
2)Caseey at Floofle check out her recycled flip flop pattern!!! Oh my goodness I just sat there with my mouth hanging. It is PURE GENIOUS!!!!!
3) Shelley at Kitten Knits Yarn This woman does an incredible amount of goodness! She was my first commenter on my blog, it really is all about the comments!! Shelley you ock too!!!
4) Diane at Brit Knitter. This lady is incredibley nice!!!! And talented too. She was my secret Pal so Iam just getting able to read her blog but she rocks!!!!!
5) Anyone who is reading this, you deserve one too!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE
Oh yes and RAVELRY ROCKS!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I just got my invite 2 days ago, and I think I am on my way to having everything upladed but I LOVE IT!!!!


Rodrigo said...

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HDW said...

Yeah Ok so can anyone translate that for me HMMMMMMM I am thinking I have been spammed???? Perhaps?