Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary to me!!

So this is a contest post of sorts..........but you have to keep reading to get to it :P~~

SO for our anniversary (which is the day before our daughters birthday as I have said before) (oh and NO it was not a shot gun wedding, she has been alive 2 years and a day less than we have been married) we got up and exchanged cards, I bought him a clay thrower and some clay pigeons to go with it (thanks mom and dad for picking them up) he bought me a cross necklace, as he knows I really could use it and I have great intentions every sunday morning of going to church but have yet to make it as the kids are demanding and I feel guilty.....but anyway

I am wondering what other people do for thier anniversary, that isn't hugely costly, and is memorable. Keep in mind that I live on an island dependant on a ferry that only runs 3 times a day and is an hour trip one way. I will give a little somthing, somthing to the idea that I plan to use for next year, and then I will also give a randomly drawn prize and they will not be the same person!!!! So spread the word and post your idea in the comments!!!!

As for plans for the rest of the day...hmmmm well Big J is at work, cutting and burning trees, and I am takig care of the 2 youngest terrors....they have been in moods the last 2 days, perhaps it is the rain, I am also wondering if little B is cutting more teeth!? YUCK though I was ready to pull my hair out by 3 yesterday afternoon!!!


Shelby said...

Happy Anniversary!!! My daughter was born just shy of 2 years after we were married. I came home from the hospital the day before our 2nd anniversary. Funny how that works sometimes!

Now...on to the idea! One year, I put together a picnic lunch. It was chilly out, so we put a quilt on the floor of our apartment, cracked open a bottle of wine, and had cheese and crackers, and some fruit. It was so much fun to just take an hour with the TV off, computers put away, and no distractions. We even did it once not on our anniversary, when our daughter was taking a nap. Now, we usually get a sitter and go out for dinner- not very creative. This year was actually spent at a rehersal dinner for our friends- who actually started dating at our wedding. My bridesmaid and his best man kissed on the way out of the limo after the wedding, and the rest is history! It was a fun "Anniversary weekend" for us!

Dez Crawford said...

Hi, I'm over here from Harlot. Have you found any online instructional videos for spinning? I can't imagine why someone wouldn't offer to teach if they had a spare wheel to loan. I wish you lived closer, I'd love to teach you! You might check out my friend Leef's site:

She has learn to spin kits and lovely fiber.

My husband and I have made it somewhat bumpily through 21 years but my best idea in recent years for a gift was to pretend I had forgotten the anniversary entirely. Got up and said, "will you help me run some errands?" Went on ordinary errands, then a surprise nice lunch, then a book-buying spree for him.

Feel free to contact me about spinning!

Shelley said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm a little late in the wishes though...

Also, I'm not married so I don't have an anniversary...waaaa, I can't participate in the contest!

Mrs. H said...

I got my first tattoo one year on our anniversary. It wasn't too costly, and it's certainly memorable, but maybe not so romantic for some. LOL

Knittymama said...

Happy Anniversary!

We're all about the food and wine on our anniversary. Either we go out to a super nice place, or else we just plan a really nice meal at home...something we wouldn't normally cook. Oh, and we always do homeade cards! :-)

Surviving said...

Being a mom with young children, I would suggest getting a babysitter for the day and then just spending time with your husband doing things you wouldn't normally do. Even a nice quiet dinner and movie without kids would be a treat for me.

z's momma said...

Happy Anniversary!

When we didn't have kids, we would take trips every year (ah, the good ole days...). Now, we tend to make a point of going up to the rose garden where we got married and walk around and enjoy the afternoon.

Mother of Chaos said...

Well, we used to do coupon books for each other, everything from foot rubs to days off (a.k.a., I'll watch the kids without whining about it while you do "whatever"). We'd give them to each other over dinner out and get a good giggle out of the more "creative" ones.

They were long-lasting, too; we'd still be presenting coupons to each other well into the year. Neat, inexpensive, and fun. Especially if one of you is a goofball and puts things in like, "Coupon entitles bearer to one 'You're right, dear', even if bearer is SO TOTALLY NOT RIGHT". :)

Steph Bolinger said...

Hmm...tough with little ones! If you could get a grandma (or some other responsible person) to take the posse off to her house for the evening, an evening alone would probably be the best gift you two could have. Mine are big and I still dream of a night of total quiet! Happy Anniversary and really, just enjoy being together!

Karen said...

Every year, we sit down and watch our wedding video. Or, if you didn't have a video made, you could look at your wedding pictures. Some champagne would go nicely while watching it (although we didn't do that. I should try to remember it for next year though - in the toasting glasses from your wedding would be fun, if you have them!).

Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary Crafty.

We got married a week before Christmas, so we often have little left for gifts for each other when the anniversary comes around.

This year we are having our rings engraved. Simple enough and yet we can say something to each other that reflects our 25th year this year.

Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary Crafty.

We got married a week before Christmas, so we often have little left for gifts for each other when the anniversary comes around.

This year we are having our rings engraved. Simple enough and yet we can say something to each other that reflects our 25th year this year.

trek said...

We try to go out to dinner. Or if that doesn't work out (baby sitting, you know), we just do something a little special at home and a nice little dessert.

Happy anniversary.

Barbara said...

Happy Anniversary!

on our first unoffical anniversay my husband gave me spoons. I was in college and only had 2 spoons. It became a huge joke and was so funny that now every year we both search for fun, funky, differnt, inexpensive spoons and that is our funny gift to each other.

As far as the day goes we have a family fun day with the kiddies and then they go to grandma's and we have a nice quiet dinner and usually a movie.

I hope you had a great day.