Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone is having a wonderful mothers day! My hubby and kidlings bought me a new 30 GB Ipod you know how many songs this beauty holds???? I am psyched. I have an older shuffle, which my hubby will use when mowing....I just have to load it with tunes for him. It was great but you can't see what you are listening just push play and wait and see what you get.

So I got breakfast in bed twice. How many of you can say that??? Lttle Miss S brought me a small bowl of apple cinnamon cheerios with bananas and then Mr. J made bacon, eggs, and home fries. Can I just say yummmmm-o.

I worked on the shawl while I was lamenting about in bed......I was scolded when I came down to pee. (sheesh, I have had 3 kids my old bladder is not as strong as it used to be come on guys!!) I really want to get that thing done!!

I planted my strawberries, and filled my window planters with big ol' Begonias. Hung my fuschia and planted my tomatoes.

Thanks to all of you who commented or e-mailed after my last post. I think it will get better. Life is just filled with lots of uncertainty right now. We will get through it day by day. For those of you who pray, hopefully tomorrow we will have some answers and a path to take. I think as long as the outlook is positive ( and thus far no one has said it won't be, but ten again part of the problem is that no one is saying much of anything, other than the "C" word) and we know what is going to be happening, it will lift a huge weight off of all of our shoulders. I wish I was going with them, but unfortunately no one can watch the kids, and it wold not be a very enjoyable trip with the 3 of them!!! So any how for those of you who believe in the power of prayer or positive thought......keep em' coming please!!!!

This is the week of "special days". Little Miss S. has her week in the spotlight. Monday she has to take in pictures and drawings of her. Tuesday she is taking in her recorder, wednesday she is doing somethingelse and then thursday mom is making ice cream with the class, while they watch a video of her great uncle Billy with his bees, and the whole pollination deal, quite interesting.
Wedneday is also Mr. J and my 9 th wedding anniversary.
Thrsaday is also little Miss S.'s birthday.....and no it is not her was not a shot gun wedding thank you very much!!! It will be her 7th birthday!
Friday is her actual party.
And then next tuesday is my mothers birthday!!! YIKES!!! Can you sa busy month?

So my cousin over at This highly entertaining blog said that to get rid of the blues you should inbibe in a bit of yarny goodness.....well, while on the mainland I did not get time to go to a yarn store so I just browsed the net.......and drooled over some yarn....the check bookwon't allow me o buy any but I have decided that I want to buy some lorna's laces next along with some cherry tree hill, I also really want to make some stitch markers.....but I don't know where to start. I have nothing for stitch markers and I don't kknow what to get......and of course when I get to the mainland I don't have time for searching s if nyone knows what I need or has a good one stop shopping website please e-mail me or leave a comment.


Mrs. H said...
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Mrs. H said...

Did someone say stitch markers??? Oh, golly... do I love stitch markers. I used this when I first started...

(I hadta delete and repost because I forgot to put in the link. heh)