Friday, May 11, 2007

It looks lke Spring,

Ok so why can't I feel more springy? I feel so blue and just yucky. Look at these flowers.....they are anything but blue. They are bright and cheery and say spring has sprung. Up until today it was gorgeous here.....warm and sunny and bright. Today it is outside what I feel like inside.....cold, wet, dreary, and just YUCKKKKKK. But anyway, that will get better with time I am sure!!!!

These were taken were my husband works. Shhhhhhh we only stole 2 flowers, I am sure they won't notice.....and on top of that they will be glad someone is enjoying them as they will be all gone by, when they come!

This is little Mrs. S

And as promised to I love Yarn I am updating my knitting content
I have taken the shawl out of time out, but am puttering at it. As it is huge and unpicture worthy at this point, here is a new project. A pair of jaywalkers (i know not stripey yarn so it doesn't show up very well.) I like the waythe knitted fabric of a jaywalker sock is stiff and stays put on your leg.

I will kit this pattern forever.........I lov it. and the yarn is courtesy of my secret pal. It is a yarn that I have never used before, Opal and I love it. Definitely would use it again. See I didn't use my Socks that Rock Yarn.....just couldn't do it/

My Secret Pal 10 sent me this package with these 2 lovely books in it. I loved them. Sorry I did not get around to thanking you sooner. As I mentioned earlier I have just been sort of out of sorts.

I hope to get time this weekend (perhaps Mother's Day) to cast on and start designing the scarf to match the hat. I have also completed 2 more wash cloths.


Mrs. H said...

Oooohhh... I've wanted to try a pair of Jaywalkers, but can't seem to get out of the plain old sock rut. Isn't Opal yarn awesome?

Hope you feel better soon, Cuzzin Skeeter. *huggerz*

Shelley said...

I do hope you are feeling better on the inside soon. It's no fun when you feel blah on the inside!

Can't wait to see your completed Jaywalkers. That is one pattern I haven't tried yet.