Tuesday, May 01, 2007

We are stil alive! I promise

DOH I thought I posted this...but I saved it to draft!! ARGH!!! Here it tis

I am just a bit in the dumps......I guess. No need to send out the troops, it is just so hectic around here......Mom just had her first rond of chemo, an infusion plus 2 days waling around with a hip pack full of chemo too. We are awaiting Dads appointment on he 14th. Big B was in the ER on monday as I wrote....we eturned and he seemed great, but then got a fever on Wedesday that lasted 20 minutes (still not sure what that was all about) and Miss S came home with a croupy cough that ended up being Pneumonia ARGH. Little B got the sniffles and now Big B has them....I hav the beginnings of a chest cold.......I am seriously ready burning down the house.........Sanitizing at a whole nother level!!!!

We did go to the circus this weekend and I have to say we ha a blast......it was a shriners circus and the kids enjoyed the elephants the most...I think if the Barnom circus eer comes to town it will be a must see. Thank you all for your prayers!!! I have mostly been lurking on other blogs such as I like Yarn (which by the way is HIGHLY Enteraining! and the owner is awesome!)and leaving comments. I will post some circus pics later!

On the knitting front I am on the border of the shawl and it is kicking my A$$!!! ARGH I am ripping out a section now and then I am putting it in time out for awhile.....I am also skeptical as towhether or not I have enough yarn.......hmmmm an excuse to order from knit picks SQUEEL!!!

Well thugh I would drop a lineand let everyone know tht all is OK here on the hom front!

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Mrs. H said...

You're makin' me blush. *gringringrin*

Hope you feel better quick. Tea with lemon balm is good for a cold. The lemon balm smells sorta like lemon scented Pledge, but it tastes good.