Thursday, May 03, 2007

While the shawl is misbehaving

I have been re connecting with other passions......this is our 7 year old black Lab Panda....she has been bathed and treated and re trained

This is the item in time out.........BAD SHAWL BAD BAD!! You can back out and play, when you can be nice to others!!

I have been trying to get caught up on scrapbookking....I love doing it, but with 3 kids I have a ton of scrapping to do!!

Look at those smiles!! He really does have a nice smile!

This is my 13 year old part siamese cat Flash. She earned her name! She moves like a flash!

As you can tell I am just woring away at Little B's book right now!

I did get a lot done today!! WOOHOO

First I had to clean off the desk though!

HEHEHE more of my boys!

Knitting content!!! I see a problem though.............I ran out of felt like enough to do a second one but alas it was a wee short!!!! Well hubbster went to te mainlnd today and bought a charge more.

A 3rd wash cloth. It just came off the needles a few mminutes ago, and Iam sewing in the ends...wohoo....look at all the things I accomplished today.....oh yeah and I did 6 loads of laundry and got them all hung dry folded and put away! Warshed the bathroom, ad vaccuumed...oh yeah and fed the kids!! LOL

Enough for one day......C YA


Shelley said...

Wow...have you ever been busy! The scrap books look great, the knitting is looking great...isn't your oldest child old enough to run the house and look after her brothers enough so that Mama can get her knitting/scrapping done everyday?! ;o) hehehe...

Mrs. H said...

Geewiz, Cuzzin Skeeter! You've been one busy lady! Hope the shawl behaves beeter after its time out.

Looks like the younguns will have some wonderful pages to look back on when they're grown. My mom has several photo albums that I still love to look at from when I was a wee girl. :)