Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Circus Pics

So here are the pics I promised!!! The kids had a really good time at the circus.....everyone's favorite was the elephants of course!!!

On the knitting front....argh, did you all hear my growl yesterday morning?
You should have by all means!!!!
I crewed up the border pattern somewhere along the line and
have to frog back 8 rows, mind you they are something
around 800 stitches per row.....needless to say it is in an
extended time out!!!
In the meantime I am working on some SMALL, projects
that I can finish for instant gratification!
Wanna know what they are???

POTHOLDERS!!! Got the patterns from Dish Cloth Boutique they
have some very nice ones. I plan to knit 1 for charity and oe for gift stash!!! I bought a huge cone of cotton from walmart and plan to dye it..........we'll see how it holds up though!!!! Anyway
That's all for now, well almost, these days I have been reading blogs to make me laugh and I foun another that gets me giggling, along with the aforementioned I like Yarn, Tales from the Den of Chaos
is giggle worthy too. I think te giggle factor comes from being able
to see yourself in the exact predicaments.

Hope you all are having great days!!!!


Mrs. H said...

Cool pics!

Small projects are good. I've gotten to the point where I keep a plain dish cloth on the needles at all times, just so I can finish something quick.

Let me know how the cotton takes the dye? I tried it once, and didn't have to bad of a result, but it was really pale. I want to try again with some better dye.

Shelley said...

Sorry to hear about having to rip so much out! Indeed, it needs to be in time out! I like to do instant gratification things at times like that helps remind me that I CAN knit and finish something, lol.

Sounds like everyone enjoyed the circus!