Saturday, May 05, 2007

Remember the song.......

Too much time on my hands.....I've got to much time on my it is lodged in my brain. So anyway, just got my new edition of Interweaves magazine and began flipping through and on page 11 there is a Trekking ad, OK so there are 3 pictures of sock clad feet.....well picy me glances at the ad and the first thing me sees is.......a poorly grafted toe.....the 2nd picture on the top with pinks, purples and oranges......there is a perfectly round gaping hole, as in I can plainly see this persons big old toe.....and then you look at the bottom pic, and it is girly pastel colors and the leg is so fuzzy the hairs cast question here....AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT SAW THESE THINGS??????

On with the rest of the totally wanna knit the Wheat ear cable yoke it
Like the hand in hand cable sweaters...and the people posing in them are awfuly cute.
The Syncopated Caps are really cool lookking
BUT OH OH OH OH I am completely in love with the Oriel ace Blouse, and when I weigh 20 pounds I will have me is beautiful though.

Over all a good magazine, and if you don't knw how to knt a toe up sock......(first of all what the heck ails you??) the magazine teaches the technique with a simple pattern....OOOHH and I just found out Cat Bordhi has a new book and really want it, but the check book says NO.

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Mrs. H said...

I noticed a big honkin' hole in the toe in one ad, but I can't remember where. Maybe that was the one. It sure made me feel good about my knitting to see that. LOL