Sunday, May 27, 2007

Freedom at last!!!!!

BIG WHITE BLOB! Free from the needles at last. Now I did not take any close ups of the edge, but the new skein of the yarn that I used maybe 4 feet of to finish her off was kind of funny it had a yellowish tinge. So I spent a day or 2 pondering what to do.

I hung t in several locales hoping that the yellow would BLEACH out.....hmm no doings, didn't work so pondered somemore

and came up with this! I killed it.....I mean dyed you know how much I worried over this bowl. Frightened i was somehow ruining this thing that had taken so mch time to create!!!

I think it came out nice. She is downstairs in the living room drying. Hopefully she will be done first thing! It kinda matches the blanket it is lying on.

I am exhausted and have decided i need better lace blockkng tools before the next project!!!!!

Here are my 4th pair of jaywalokers I love love love them!!!!

And I am flashing my tat.....what are you hiding? Bazaar I know BUT it was a semi challenge and I am always up for a challenge!!!!


Janet said...

Oh wow!! It is beautiful and you did that w/3 kids and a zillion jobs! I gotta' stop complaining- I only have one small child and one mostly part time job.

Fiber_Chic said...

How big is that thing?? (the blanket/afghan, I mean)

Mrs. H said...

The shawl is gorgeous! And inspiring! Makes me want to spend more time knitting. Love the socks, too. I've not tried anything with a pattern. Would this be a good one to start with?

Love the tat, too... um... that sounded funny. Tat... too... heh
Now that you've started, guess I'll flash mine. too. After I shave my legs. This may take awhile...

Sharon said...

My stars! I am in awe of that shawl. Nicely done indeed.