Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Can a girl get a break??? PLEASE!!!!

So I got a bit of knitting done......I hesitate to take pctures of this shawl, because it just looks like a heap of yarn.........I have it on 60 inch circs and it still just looks ICK! But each section now has 18 butterflies on the last row, so I am almost ready to start the flower garden part! The lacey line is the corner intersection.......so what yu are looking at draped over my computer screen which is 17 inches wide BTW is only PART (7 butterflies wide at the top) of 1 section. This thing is going to be huge!
I can't wait to try and blcok it.....anyone with suggestions feel free to post comments! I hate blocking stuff and have never blocked anyting this big!!!

I think this picture of Little B is too much My What Big Eyes You Have little one!!!

This was Big B today............he is still a bit ragged around the edges, but a huge improvement over yesterday!!!! Yesterday we took te baby for a regular check and took Big B because we wanted him to get peeked at they both had this stomach crud....Little B started last Sunday and woke up this Sunday ful of P& V. Big B woke up Weds with it and i just seemes to get worse....Saturday we thought he was btter and then just before bed he lost everything he ate and drank all day.

Suday he seemed better again and the same thing happened. Anyway
te pediatrician said his intestines had shut down and he would reach a certain level and it had to go somewhere.......so 6 hours in the ER with a 2 year old hooked up to an IV....not alot of fun....I feel personally respponsible.......I thought I was taking good care of him...and he kept perin up and we would think we were over the hump and BOOM. Alot of tears shed over that boy!!!! We aired him out for a little bit (15 minutes) this afternoon
it was soo beautiful out!

Meet Flash the stuck upkitty.....she is 13 years old.

This is Big B a few days ago.......poor little thing......he looks so impresed huh?

I am hoping that the next few days bring a peaceful calm ove my family..........I am hoping that the treatment that mom got today brings with it hope and no terribly bad side affects, and that it takes care of the cancer.


Shelley said...

Awww, poor little ones! I've been praying for them, and will continue to do so.

Your shawl is looking great and I can't wait to see it completed. Sorry, haven't any suggestions on the blocking issue. I've only ever blocked scarves (well, 3 to be precise).

Mrs. H said...

First... You are a good mom! Sometimes these things just happen despite all the good momming we do. :)

Second... The shawl is gonna be soooooo pretty! It is defintitely more than a heap of yarn. I've never really blocked anything, so I don't have any advice on that, but I can't wait to see it.

Mother of Chaos said...

Oh, poor babies!! No fun! No ER! No IVs! None of it! :(

When I've blocked large shawls, I've done one of two things: Either pinned it out on my bed (or floor), or used the 'string' method. Take a string and run it through the edges at appropriate intervals (at the apex of scallops or very close together for 'straight hem'), then loop the string around the bedposts (or chairs, or whatever else works for the size you've got) and tighten it up - the string pulls the lace out neatly and it also dries PDQ what with the awesome air circulation and all. You will need a second pair of hands to help with it. Yes, you will say to yourself, "No, I can do this on my own, no problem. I can envision how." But it won't work. Ask me how I know. ;-)