Thursday, April 19, 2007

Here are the pictures!

This is what I call the silver lining!!! Soooo breathtakingly beautiful. These are last nights intended pictures!!!! I know I have said it before but I love my camera!!!!! This thing is worth every pnny we scrimped to buy you know how many times over the course of three years we looked at that change jar and thought "boy we really could use that for.........." But then we would have had to roll it and count it and it would hae been hard work :) so we left it in a dusty forgotten corner and kept adding to it.......worth every penny!!!!! Canon rebel xti WOOHOO!
Oh my goodness is this kid gonna be a hear breaker or what...........can you see the devil in his eyes??? But that grin is priceless!!

This is Bib B No Neck. He puts his chin to his chest when he dances and it looks like he has no neck. Goodness do I love my kids.......wowee!!!

So this is the hat that is now in factfinished! I love it....the yarn hs some cashmere in really doesn't make it too different to knit with but the color is can't tell from these pics but perhaps we will get some sun so I can get a true to life picture...but take my is purdy!!!!

Mrs. S said something about "you can't get me" to Grandpa and when she did, she opened a can a whoop butt!!!!!! She knows that both Grandma and Grandpa hae cancer and we have been very honest with her, and she has been through one roller coaster with Grandma and has see that it isn't a death sentence, but she is rightfully scared and know mom is too, as are Grandma and Grandpa.....although they try not to show it......(yeah I know you guys too :P~~~~) and we have tried to use it as a lesson in loving. You never know what isgoing to hapen so everyday show those you love in little as wel as big ways that you love them! She gets it and has done several little things (calling to say I love you and goodnight, designing cards just because) I love my kids....even the ones I can't quite figure out......(perhaps because she is very much like me?!?!?)

See where little Mrs. S ended up? Hmm now whaddya have to say about that.......I gotthe evidence.....HE GOT YA!!!

Can you tell Mrs. S thinks grandpa hung the moon
and stars???? No fear no humans or animals were harmed in the pictur taking of these events!!!
I will post pics of finished hat and hopefully the beginnings of a scarf to match......I am trying to create a pattern.........and as for the scarf I have one, yes I said ONE more pattern repeat before I get to start a different pattern.....which means I am closig in on the end......yahooooooooooo!

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Mrs. H said...

Great pics! And yes, the little one is gonna be a real heartbreaker one day. All of your kids are beautiful.

I'm keeping you in my prayers.

BTW... if you ever want to e-mail, my addy is