Friday, April 20, 2007

Secret Pal Strikes Again!!!!!!

Ok so I think my SP10 has an "in" with my brain!!! Thank You whomever you are. I needed a pick me up today. I went to the mainland to day and just had a down day. I think it was just quite simply because it was the first time since the wee one was born that I have actually been by myself for more than just a few hours. The combination of feeling "not needed" in a mommy way in combination with having time on my hands to do nothing other than be alone with my thoughts (hmmm those of you who are in the throes of being parents know what I am talking of here) and having to actually think about what is going on around me, in my life, left me emotional. I think it is a good thing, but up until today I had been abl to busy myself with "other" things! Anyway I called home to find out how everyone was (more onthat later) and my hubby told me there was a package awaiting me!!! I was instantly lifted but had another hour to go before the ferry left and then an our ferry ride to get through!!! I love everything and thank you for the card. I have been green with envy over all the hand made stitch markers....
HEEHEEE I love favorite is cobalt.....
I had a really nice close up but blogger ate it....sorry. Anyway take t from me they are lovely!!!!

Here is the finished hat on a lamp shade!

Ok so when I left tis afternoon, I left 3 kiddies with stomach viruses, those of you with queasy stomachs.....avert your eyes and scroll down a bit or some knitting goodness. These poor kids have it bad, puking, and back door trots like you wouldn't believe! Lathargic...oh it breaks your heart. The boys have bottoms that ar so sore it hurts ME to wipe them, the bigger of the 2 is indignant because he has to wear diapers again......oh what is a parent to do.

Here hat strikes a pose on the laptop!

Here is oh indignant one! Poor guy!!! He had a fever of 103.6 andour pediatricians nurse tells us they have reports of the back door end lasting up to 2 weeks!! OUCH is all I can say!!!

Believe it or not miss pink has the pukeys too........and a fever...says she feels "alright" until she moves then she feels sick!!! : ) I think it is the same for the boys too as they are al right until you move them then they get all whiny and sometimes puke! Perhaps a headache too as they al rub thier heads! YUCK


Shelley said...

What a great package your SP10 sent! It's such fun receiving these packages in the mail. I'm so glad I joined in the fun this round!

Awww, poor little darlins! I do hope the get better soon. I'll say some prayers for them.

Shelley said...

Opps...forgot to say thanks for adding me to your sidebar! I'll do the same and put up a link in my sidebar for your blog!

Mrs. H said...

Poor little munchkins! Hope they feel better quick. Glad you got to get out, though. Alone time is a remarkable thing! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the package cheered you up. Sorry the kids are feeling so sick. Poor things. You have your hands full!

Your Secret Pal

Mother of Chaos said...

Oh, poor babies! We just went through this recently - all four of ours had flu, but in rotation. One or two puking "etc" at a time...then just when we thought "Ok, it's over..." BWAM! The next in line to the "throne" would take up residence. UGH-UGH-UGH!

Sending thoughts for //speedy// recovery!