Saturday, June 30, 2007


Hey do you remeber this contest?????? Well I don't have many entrys. Come on peeps!!! Give me some don't have to be married neessarily. Just give me some cool ideas!! I am going to come up with the winners on July 16th. There will be 2 winners, 1 for the one I will most likely use and 1 for a random draw. Come on come on!!! Please post your entry to that blog post to make it easier to find you all!!!!

Here they are minutes ago. They are getting soooooo big! It looks like only 2 out of 3 are going to hatch.

Can you spot mom and dad in this pic? Click on the picture to make it bigger.....they are both there!! And then the next picture is to give you a perspective of how close they stay , the bush beside the house is where the nest is, mom and dad are in the tree further out but th first oe on the right. They sit there and tweet thier scolding at us while we sneak pics of thier babes!

Last but not least is this awesome yarn! I can not put into words how awesome this yarn feels. It is 100% Merino Lambs wool, cottage spun locally here in Maine. Best of all it is SUPERWASH! I mean to tell you guys this stuff is awesome, it feels like flannel, your favorite 100 year old soft t-shirt and high pile fleece all in one.......I am not kidding you, If I could make a bed out of tis stuff I would!!! I plan to create a pair of socks out of these and see how superwash they are. OH thank god for a discount!!

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