Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Knitting and newness

So I discovered this nest perched rather low in a lilac bush. It is right outside of the front door to a house my husband caretakes for. It is quite a deep nest. Little Miss S actually saw it first but decided there were no eggs....I believed her and bypassed it for a few days, and then I took a peek in it. Now I don't know i the eggs were there to begi with or if they were laid after S. peeked. but anyway there are

3 Beautiful bright blue, robins eggs in that nest. and since spying them we have seen momma bird sitting on the nest and gathering food for herself. I am anxiously awaiting the baby birds, I have never been able to peek in on a nest like this before. The kids have been told to stay away and that if they touch the nest or the eggs that momma bird won't take care of her babies, and that if we are creful we just may be able to watch them as they grow and get ready to learn to fly.

I think it is awesomely amazing. The olor of the eggs is incredible!

So I did my first day in the yarn/gift shop here on island, and it really is not conducive to the wallet.

This is one of the first sweaters I ever attempted and I love it. It came out beutfuly, not to toot my own horn.

Look at all that yany goodness it takes a great bit of restraint to cntrol oneself when under extreme circumstances such as these!

If you look really closely in this picture you will see my new spinning wheel.....I am not sure which one, was hoping to get some advice n it, but she has 3 in stock 2 are ashford travellers, one of which is a double treadly with scotch tension, (it may sound like I know what I am talking about..but I really don't I just read the box ) the other is single treadl and the 3rd is a really beautiful looking traditional.........Now if I didn't have kids that were really young and I could display it I would definitely get the traditional because it embodies all you dream of when you think about spinning wheels.

See them in the box at the bottom of the picture, under the table to the left of the empty baskets???? YUMMY!

The smell is delish when you walk in, it smells like balsam fir pillows and candles, and yarn!

Can you see the wheels inthis one too?????? :)

I know I am severly redundant.

Thank you to my mom and others who commented on the blog and privately about my last post. Life certainly has been a lesson these las few years. Lessons that I have learned are:
Not to wait till tomorrow to say things you can say today, because sometimes tomorrow doesn't come. Live life to th fullest, every day, but also take time to indulge yourself with lifes smallest pleasures, as sometimes the simplest things are the most special. Don't wait until someone is gone to remember them, remember and celebrate those you love evertime you see them. It is sort of like if I were rich, which I am not, I would begin giving freely now so I can watch those around me enjoy it, rather than will it to them upon my death....what good does that do??? Gve of yourself now amoung the living and do what makes you hapy, life is to darn short to work hard at something you hate! I know even though things seem tough right now there are many out there who have it worse. I have a beautiful family, 3 healthy kids, my mom is responding wel to her regime thus far, and my dad has a date for his surgery, and so far as we know know it is going to be a fairly simple surgery with no chemo to follow. Itcertaily could be much worse. I am healthy and can hlp out where I am needed, and was able to help a grieving family have a safe place without constant reminders of thier lost loved one. Aaaaah I do have a good life. May yours be peacful and calm!

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Mrs. H said...

Keep us posted on the eggs. I love watching stuff like that.

After seeing the pics of the store, all I can say is... I wanna live where you live!

Glad you're feeling better about things. :)