Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday little guy!!

happy birthday wee one!!!!!! time really does go fast. Little B is 1 today, in about another hour he had joined our family a year ago. He was a surprise baby, and I am so happy he surprised us, he is a very happy go lucky kinda kid, and now you can tell he tries to make us laugh. Happy Birthday Little Man, glad you joined our zoo/family!

These socks are now off the needles but took this picture early in the day to show you all that I really do knit 2 socks at once oncircular needles. I
really sweat by this method. There is never any second sock syndrom, and the socks are always the same. I tend to tweak patterns as I go in my head and then when I go to knit the 2nd I have forgotten exactly what I do. These socks were done in peace fleece, and I really like them. There is no pattern, it all just went from my head to the needles.

So I have caught the stitch marker
bug too. They are so fun,nd quick to mke and I love the fact that they
are inexpensive. The only problem I have is that Wal-mart here doesn't have much of a selection and when you buy on line wih beads you really don't know what you are getting. I do't know what size 6mm is.....I mean I suppose I could break outa ruler, but that would be too smart!

Finished Peace Fleece Socks WOOHOO.

And here is my new project! It is the Lily of the Valley Smoke Ring. It is very enjoyable. I love it!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the little man! The stitch markers are lovely - you should sell them. Maybe in the shop on your island? Maybe set up a store on I haven't done it, but have heard it's really easy to do.

I'm having fun getting your final SP10 package ready!

Your Secret Pal

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Little B!!!!!

Love the socks and great job on the stitch markers. Aren't they fun to make? Do you have a Michael's nearby? They have a good selection (allbeit a little more pricier than Walmart)of beads and charms.

Mrs. H said...

Oooohhhh... looky the purties! You really should try to sell some of your stitch markers. They're awesome!

Mrs. H said...

And happy birthday to the little one. I love the pic of him. Such a cutie!

Knitting Mama said...

I see you like Stitch Markers. Why don't you come check out our stitch marker exchange, there are 2 spots left for sign ups for the fall exchange.