Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bad Bad Blogger

I am still kicking....these are pics of the wee ones birthday party!! Hmmm just a day under a week ago andI am just posting pics.
He was so clean eating his cake....the other 2 literally dove in face first which is why they get thier own mini cake........the photos of this guy aren't quite as entertaining, nor are will they have the blackmailing strength as Miss S and Big B's

He was really into sharing with Grammie. Great big fist fuls for her, in the end I think she got more of his cake than he did. He was very insistent!!
Grandma and grandpa bought him his very own cement truck....he was thrilled. Grmmie gave him 2 really cute summer outfits, and a tow bihind caterpille with these nifty spinny balls...too cute. Mommy and Daddy got him a musical bus, he got a book and $5, from hus other grammie, and $5 from his aunt and uncle. He had a great day and baskd in all the attention.

This is the book from our adopted grammie.....he really stopped to look at it too, it has animals in it and he loves anything farm animal!

Here we are playing peek a boo with my package!!! He knew exactly what he was doing.

Where is Little B??????

Here I am Hehehehehehehehehe!!!

There are more pics to come......I have some extras this time around woohooo!!!! And I will update my knitting in the next one!


Mrs. H said...

What a little charmer he is! You are so gonna have a little heart breaker on your hands. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like he had a really good time! What a good boy to share his birthday cake like that. Sooo sweet!

Your Secret Pal

P.S. The final package is in the mail!!!

Mrs. H said...

Um... there's a surprise waiting for ya on my blog, cuz... :)