Thursday, March 01, 2007

FO 8 and 9 and almost 10

But I haven't gottan any pictures of those yet so I will tease you with some descriptions and show you a picture of my knitting daughter!!!!!! She is beginning to get the hang of it. At 6 I don't think I could have sat still long enough to learn!!!

So the mystery yarn from the post below, has become a pair of delectabley soft squishy warm socks for MOI and I thinik I am going to squeek out a pair for dear daughter!

I have knitted a beautiful 3 inch tall 3-D angel......she is too cute, I need 2 toothpicks to use as knitting needles for her....she is a knitting angel, and she is finishing her 2nd is on her needles. Oh my god these are adorable. I have another mini one ready for the starching and put together process, and I am in the process of knitting a larger (9) inch one as well! These are great for starting the lace process. It is a small scale project so if you screw up you just rip out a wing or an arm, although it always seems to be the skirts that I screw up!!!!! GRRRRR!!!

When I finish the currnet angel on the needles I am going to starch them and then move on to some beading projects I started before Christmas. I must do these before I start anything else!!! Why you ask??? Well let's see, Big B is potty trainging big time so we are ALWAYS running to the pot, Little B is now proficient at crawling and is now delighted by the fact that he can belly up to the stairs and if no one cathces him be on the 3rd befiore you can blink!!!!! He is only 8 months old please HELP ME!! And Dear daughter begins swimming lessons on the mainland every friday for the next 2 months! Not to mention all the work I have coming at me.....not complaioning though for sure!!!!!

I will try to get some pics downloaded ASAP!!!!

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Mrs. H said...

A knitting daughter! YAY! I love it when kids want to learn things like knitting. Two of my girls know how to knit, but they aren't so much into it.