Saturday, March 24, 2007

Take a Ride with me and see some angels!!

So this is a picture of the ferry dock slip....with out the ferry......sorry people, work with me on this....I had 2 scrreaming kids in the back seat and a whiny 6 year old!! The land you see on the righ side of the photo, is the "other" island........ 3 times a day a 17 car ferry pulls in unlaods and then loads back takes an hour to get to the "real world"

This is our community school.......k-12. I think there is a total of 64 kids this year. My daughter has a 1sy grade class of 4 girls which is funny as I graduated from a class of 4 girls :) The island is currently in the process of fundraising for a new school, as this one is fairly run down.....but does the island need a $6,000,000.00 school......hmmm now there is soomething to chew on............not going there!

Some of the scenic views going around in circles!

Are you still with me or did the heat and the bumping put you to sleep? We just got new roads this past summer........and some of them are already falling to pieces!

But nonetheless, this is a truley beautiful place to live! And while it still has the worries most communities has, it is much smaller population (350 give or take) We know each and every face we pass, we tend to leave our doors unlocked and some of us still leave keys in our cars.....although that could get you in trouble!!! Everyone waves as they pass, although you may get grumbled at as well. This place is a great big dysfunctional family.

No better place to raise your family, as long as you can continue to afford it.

This is the site of a new summer home and it definitely a gorgeous spot......this was taken standing on the porch.......we were actually trying to get a shot of a cock pheasant (bet that will get me some google hits, what do you think???) but missed him and then came upon the finished house.....just a short while ago it was a cellar hole.

More scenery.

This is what my father refers to as a spark plug light house and from what I understand it is one of the last working ones left.

A better closer picture of the spark plug.

Some critters. Gotta love a gorgeous horse right?

This little guy needds a haircut, and was ultimately friendly.

In fact he wanted to sniff the my hubby was snapping a picture.......:)

And here are my 3 angels fronts

and this is a shot of their backs.

Well I am truley exhausted so goodnight for tonight!!!


Mrs. H said...

I love the angels. Are they difficult to make?

Also love the pics of the island. I live in a small community in the midwest... around 250 or 300 I think, and agree with you on the dysfunctional family part. But I basically love it. Knowing who your neighbors are is a good feeling.

Mrs. H said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. Just knowing that someone else understands makes it a lot easier. make plenty off waves for you, me, and any other parent & child that deals with this sort of thing.

And I love your blog too. I check often for new posts and would like to add a link to you from mine if that's ok. :)

Anonymous said...

The angels are beautiful, as is the island. I can't imagine living in such a beautiful spot. Did you grow up there? How is your mom doing?

Your Secret Pal

Shelley said...

The scenery is pretty - bet it's gorgeous in the fall with the changing leaves!

The angels are awesome - well done! So delicate and pretty.

Mrs. H said...

The link is up. :)
Did you ever figure out th podcast thing?