Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Toy..........and a day on the mainland

Ok so the new-ness is boud to wear off or so I hope for your sakes!!!
So my husand and I have been saving for the better part of 3 years to buy a canon digital rebel to go with our canon rebel. We were all set to go about 6 months ago when all of a sudden the rebel xti came on to the radar we continued saving and bought it online at quite a savings.....only when it came yesterday it didn't come with the cf card so we could admire it's exterior and oh and ah but that folks was all we

could co with it!!
Today we went to the mainland and guess what
we bought? Hmm for an additional $19.98 we are now functional!

This camera is 10.1 mp and I ave to say our old kodak was 4.0.....I plan to get a few developed on paper and then I will tell you what I truley think but my god what a difference........
I have always LOVED photography since I was a teenager and learned how to develope B&W in highschool......god how I love the smell and the power of all the steps being done successfully and all the creative aspects of it all.....I dreamt of having a dark room in my I have it!
These arejust some of the first shots of the kids in the back of the truck while we were waiting for daddy to finish picking up supplies for grammies remodel project!

I am tellin you this kid is happy go lucky 99% of the time!!!

We are parked on the ferry and waiting to get under way.

This is what a day of grocery shopping, Wal-mart, Home Depot as well as other errands do to Big B.

This is our ferry passing another ferry....blow by blow........

And all the while this is where my knitting kinda tooka back burner....although there is progress!!! I now have 13 butterflies across each section...

This is the means you are 10 minutes from the mainland or 50 minutes from home.......

This is the Owl's Head light house.

This is me checking out what kind of detail this camera picks up.....ooooh baby.....luv it!!!!!

Love it, Love it!!!!!

Oh yeah Love Him toooooo.......look at that face!!!!

Not sure what this light hose is called......but it is on Vnal Haven. (BTW...for those of you who don't know...we are still on the ferry....)

This kid is so dang cute.....and growing leaps and bounds these days.....he went the longest time, and we didn't think he was ever going to talk.......he and I carried on the best and cutest conversation in Wally World today while dress shopping for Big was just h and I and it went like this.......Mom what do you think about this one? Big B Nah mom.......Mom this one is pretty huh? Big B Yeah mom, for me too? Mom No silly boy you don't wear dresses do you? Big B No Mommy........Little B......Mom No silly Little B doesn't wear dresses does he? Big B- No Mommy but daddy does!!! By this time mommy
is dang near peeing herself to keep from
busting a gut!!!!!!!!!!! When I hear snickers and giggles coming from the other side of the rack so I walk around to find a mom and daughter who had taken in this admittedly funny conversation.... Too funny!!!!


Shelley said...

ROFL @ daddy wearing dresses!! Too funny!! You are so going to have to snap a pic of him in one of his pretty dresses with your new camera ;o) LOL!!

The camera sure looks like it takes awesome pics!! I'm jealous!

Mrs. H said...

Love the pics! Your pics from before were really good, but there is a difference with the new camera. I want one! :)