Monday, March 19, 2007

Thank You SecretPal!!!

So we recieved our secretpals for SP10 on the 15th and the 17th was my birthday.......My SP is awesome.....I got a birthday card and presenttoday. Now she tried to get it here in time and if I didn't live on a godforsaken island in the middle of the arctic, where we experienced a horrific Nor'easter Thursday-Sun wee AM and we had NO FERRY BOAT all day Saturday.........then I would hvae gotten it right on time. But the saying "not wind, nor rain nor snow will keep the usps from delivering does not apply to an island off the coast of maine!!

On to much better no pics but!!!!!!!!!......only because I don't have it set up on our new laptop yet!!!!! WOOHHOOO got a wicked good deal on a Toshiba Satelite P105 LUV i but Vista is going to take some getting used to!

For my birthday I got, Norah Jones new CD, a new pair of sneakers, my daughter made me a pillow, which was blue and purple fleece, my parents gave me my all time favorite scent, white musk......some body spray and perfume spray. My SP gave me some OPal sock yarn which I have wanted to try but my supply is limited iving on this dang rock oh yeah and the all important Dove Chocolate too!!!!! It seems like I am forgetting smething.......I dunno!!

OK so can I say CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!! There is this freak fever thing going apparently is a virus that just has t run it's course.....Big B spiked a fever on Weds evening and by 10pm it was overing just under 105. we medicined him up and it broke at around 1 am.....poof gone! Thurs am it was back but hovered between 99 and 101 spiking at 102 in the night Fri. it seemed better in the am but he was out of it.....just sort of whiny and yuck.....Sat he was ful of piss and vinegar, but sat night boom back to 103 sun it was more towards normal and today the fever is gone but he is still a monster......through it all he has not wanted to eat, and has been somewhat stuffy.....if you force him to eat something he pukes......but does not really have a stomcach thing persay. Little B has it but thus far the fvers have been much milder than big b's. I have to wonder if it is because I am still nursing him.......I dunno......this whole nursing thing is a mystery even after 3 chitlins!!!! This is the longest I have evr gone. Anyway.....I am ready for a vacation..........I think I have off for a few days anyway....

Oh yeah our family splurge was a nintendo ds........yo know they are actually quite addictive........and it is a good incentive for our dear daughter to help out and be nice.......she earns technology time for good behavuir and doing her chores, as well as was computer time but she puls the old "I don't care" when we take it away!

Well enough for now!!!! Thank you SP. You have no idea how much that package and card meant to me on a day like today!!!!!!! Such a sweet surprise to see that card tucked in amongst all the daily humdrum and then the package was rubber banded to my mail box!!!! WOOHOO t'was a good day!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got the card & package, even though your birthday was over. I hope the kids are all doing better.

I can't imagine living on an island - it sounds wonderful, other than the mail delivery!

Your Secret Pal